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How to Make a Real Estate Flyer?

Are you a sales agent selling real estate? Or an owner eager to sell your house fast? The best way to do it without the hassle of property agents and realtors is to advertise it. However, since you have decided to deal with it yourself, you must make sure your flyer is worthy and attractive. At, we have always made solutions prior to your difficulties. We have prepared easily customizable, professionally designed commercial real estate flyer templates of a huge variety. Posting flyers on walls or handing them out will most likely help you sell off that piece of land you have been waiting for much faster than you thought. If you are thinking of designing a real estate flyer, here are a few tips that may be able to help you out:

  • Think of a design that you think will get heads turning.

Often, taking clear pictures of the property you are intending to sell, help attain more attention and instant attraction. If you’re a company that’s in the business of selling real estate, then try to come up with a design that’s homely, modern or you can basically try out any design that you think best fits your company’s goals and objectives.

  • Details

Add information that you think the potential customer should know about like how much the houses or units cost to make it a professional real estate flyer. Describe how they look like and what the potential clients can expect from you and your agency. Make sure that you input the company’s details as well, like the name, address, office hours, email, and contact information.

  • Tick! Tock!

Time is of the essence and when looking for properties. People often would want their sellers to be available for more information. So make sure you add a schedule to your real estate promotion flyer as to when the house and the owner shall be open for a visit.

These were but a few of the many things you can do to make your own real estate flyer. Pretty simple, right? But if you’re still having trouble with the design, why don’t you try the designs that we have available for you here at Our ready-made templates are expertly crafted by our designers for business as well as personal use that are designed to help you sell more, earn more, and just be generally creative with personal templates. They come in high-resolution premium designs with graphics and images in 300 dpi resolution for beautiful layouts that are highly customizable according to your specifications. Editable and Printable in A4 and other sizes. For business or personal needs, look up your templates of choice and download them now for free.

What is the Information to Provide on your Real Estate Flyer?

Making a real estate marketing flyer is not enough. You must provide information in a way that the clients have a full idea of your property and are also appealed by it. To merge two in one, use the following ideas:

  • Use Good Quality Images

Use pictures of your house and property in an attractive manner. Print them in the background. Also if there are some special features of your house that you want to highlight for publicity.

  • Provide Complete Information

Begin with the name of the property if any, the contact information of the owner, the alternative contact information. Give the address of the property. Also, provide the details of the visiting hours in your house real estate flyer.

  • Features of the Property

Give complete details of the property's features like the number of rooms, bathrooms, availability of water, nearest schools and hospitals, etc. Let the client know how good your property is suited to their needs.

You can choose to customize our editable real estate templates too, to make a good offer. Simply modify the pictures and the details and wait for the best clients to come your way!

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