22+ Wanted Poster Design Templates in PSD


There’s just something about wanted posters that strike our fancy. Maybe it has something to do with the outlaws and their mysterious and cool backgrounds? Or maybe we just like the style of being wanted for something? Whatever it is, you have to admit, they’re pretty cool to have. They are quite stylish too, no matter where you post them.

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If you’d like to have a gimmick like that plastered on your wall or on your desktop computer wallpaper, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at these nineteen wanted poster in PSD format to get one of your own.

Dead or Alive Wanted Poster Template

dead or alive wanted poster template
File Format
  • Photoshop


Rustic Wanted Poster Template

rustic wanted poster template
File Format
  • Photoshop


Cowgirl Wanted Poster Template

cowgirl wanted poster template
File Format
  • Photoshop


Western Wanted Poster Template

western wanted poster template
File Format
  • Photoshop


Retro Wanted Poster Template

retro wanted poster template
File Format
  • Photoshop


Most Wanted Poster Template

most wanted poster template
File Format
  • Photoshop


Printable Cowboy Wanted Poster Template

printable cowboy wanted poster template
File Format
  • Photoshop


Old Western Wanted Poster Template

old western wanted poster template
File Format
  • Photoshop


Free Wanted Posters

Free Wanted Poster Template

free wanted poster template

Free Wanted Poster Invitation

free wanted poster invitationDownload

Free A4 Wanted Poster

free a4 wanted posterDownload

Blank Wanted Posters

One Piece Blank Wanted Poster

one piece blank wanted posterDownload

Blank Most Wanted Poster

blank most wanter posterDownload

Blank Western Wanted Poster

blank western wanted posterDownload

Wanted Poster Invitations in PSD

Wanted Poster Birthday Invitation

wanted poster birthday invitationDownload

The Styles of Wanted Posters

Wanted posters are used for a variety of reasons. On this list, you’ll easily be able to find a wanted poster that can fit your needs for whatever occasion you are using it for. They are easily customized so you can even make them look how you want them to.

There are many styles of these wanted posters that might get you to take an interest in them.

  • Old fashioned. For those who are truly going for the Wild West feel. These old fashioned wanted posters can really help you make a certain place pay a homage to the 1800s where cowboys and gunslingers were popular. Just plaster these around your room, and it’ll give a cooler atmosphere. You can also place these around your bar to really give it the old Wild West Western feel. Your customers might just appreciate it.
  • Anime. For those who are big fans of Japanese animations. There are many anime who use Wild West as a theme, and this list offers you with an extensive collection of wanted posters that have been designed to pay tribute to Japanese animations. Go ahead and pick a wanted poster that has one of your favorite anime on it.
  • Birthday party invites. For those who are setting up a birthday party for their children. Birthday wanted posters are more than just for show. They can be designed to let people know that someone’s birthday is coming up and that you’re planning a party for them. You can even post this online on social media to garner even more attention from your friends who have children of their own who might want to go to your child’s party.
  • Blank posters. For those who are looking for posters they can easily customize. These blank wanted posters have nothing on them but the Western themed “WANTED” and a few designs for you to customize at your leisure. If you have a style of your own in mind for a wanted poster, feel free to customize your own wanted poster till it fits your tastes.
  • Wedding invitations. For those wanting to invite their friends and family to their wedding reception. Believe it or not, some couples actually do use these as invites for their guests to attend their wedding. Maybe if you’re deep in the South, you’d really have this kind of preference. The wedding wanted poster invitation is quite sweet and places the recipient as the person “wanted” for the wedding.

So you see? There are many types of wanted posters that you can use. It’s all up to you to pick depending on your tastes. There are so much variety of wanted posters that have pretty much every style you can think off that are on this list for you to use. There are even more uses for these posters depending on the style that you do pick.

Wanted Western Posters

Old Wanted Western Poster

old wanted western posterDownload

Most Wanted Western Poster

most wanted western posterDownload

Blank Wanted Western Poster

blank wanted western posterDownload

Pirate Wanted Poster

Blank Pirate Wanted Poster

blank pirate wanted posterDownload

Wanted Reward Posters

Funny Wanted Reward Poster

funny wanted reward posterDownload

One Piece Wanted Poster

One Piece Vintage Wanted Poster

one piece vintage wanted posterDownload

Get Yourself Wanted—Not Literally, Of Course

Disregarding the cool style of Western wanted posters, it’s not exactly a good thing to be on the receiving end of a police chase. Of course, there’s no way anyone in the modern world would mistake a poster from 1865 to be in any way still relevant today. Most people commonly use it as poster in their own room or on their screensaver. Many also use them as invitation for parties.

The wanted posters on this list can allow you to use whatever photo you want and then place that photo in the center of the wanted poster right where you want it. This can give you one cool poster to have for yourself on the walls of your room.

Wanted Posters Are Quite Stylish

Baring the fact that they were used for policing purposes long ago, these posters are surprisingly stylish in the modern era. They are quite popular among people of all ages for different reasons. Some like their old-fashioned design, some think that the rebellious outlaw feel of the posters make it interesting to place in their rooms.

Whatever the reason, people still use them for a variety of reasons. You can too. The posters offered on this list are easily customizable so you can edit them to fit your needs. You can add your photos in the middle of the poster and customize what the person on the wanted list is wanted for. It’s even used as invitations for a birthday party for children.

Why You Should Get Yourself A Wanted Poster

Wouldn’t you want to feel wanted yourself? Well, everyone does.

Jokes aside, if you’re in any way a fan of cowboys and the Wild West itself, then these posters are good to setup around your room. It can really give you that feeling of being in the Wild West yourself. Depending on your tastes, you can pick a wanted poster that suits you best. There isn’t only one style.

Just think of the uses already mentioned above from this list that you could use it yourself for. If you’re ever in the lookout for something or someone, then these wanted posters can be a good way to help you find them or get them to come to you. Maybe you can even use them in more creative ways that this list hasn’t thought of.

Photoshop Wanted Posters

Old West Photoshop Wanted Poster

old west photoshop wanted posterDownload

Western Photoshop Wanted Poster

western photoshop wanted posterDownload

Uses for A Wanted Poster

Wanted posters can surprisingly be quite versatile. They can really be helpful for a number of reasons. Though, it all really depends on your tastes. If you really like Western-themed posters, then these wanted posters are worth taking a look into.

Here are some to give you a few ideas of what they can be used for:

  • Wall decorations. These can be placed up in your room on your walls as a form of poster to make it look cooler. You can pick a style of a wanted poster from this list that you think is the coolest and use that as decorations for your wall. There are a variety of styles from which you can pick.
  • Invitations for a party. These can be used as invitation cards as well. If you’re hosting a party, for example someone’s birthday, you can use decorate these posters as invitation cards of the sort and then hand them out. This will help you guests know the theme for the party as well as who the party is for since these wanted posters offered to you can be customized.
  • Computer wallpaper. Wanted posters can be used as wallpapers or screensaver for those who are a huge fan of the Wild West. They are surprisingly popular for those who want their computer desktop to look old-fashioned. For those who are frequent players of old-fashioned cowboy video games, these can really set the mood for them when they boot up the computer.
  • Props. Western posters can be used as a props for a Western-themed party. For example, if you’re having a celebration for your little boy’s birthday and he really likes cowboys, then these can be placed along the birthday celebration area. Also, they can also be used on sets if you’re planning on making a short film.
  • Service requests. These posters can also be used for when you are looking for a specific object or an individual with certain skills and talents. Just plaster these around areas where you have permission along with the address you want to go to or a phone number and you can pretty much get them coming to you instead of going out to look for them.
  • Actual missing posters. Despite the oftentimes cavalier use of these posters most times, they can be used for looking for something or someone lost along with the reward offered. Your dog, for example. Just try not to pick a wanted poster with a Dead or Alive sign under the wanted poster. That might give people the wrong idea.

So you see? They can be used for more than just one cause. They are surprisingly versatile and easy to distribute everywhere. You can even post these online to inform everyone of an occasion or inform everyone that you’re looking for a certain something or someone.

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