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8+ Blank Movie Posters – PSD, Vector EPS

Posters are a great decor for any event. They add additional visual arts and designs to the room or celebration venue. The most important use for posters are the information they display. Posters are great mediums in advertising as well. They help advertise certain things—most commonly, movies. Movies are one of the most sought-after sources of entertainment. But for the public to be informed of an upcoming film, it must first be advertised to the viewers through posters.

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Blank Check Movie Poster


Point Blank Movie Poster


Minimal Blank Movie Poster


Blank City Movie Poster


What Are Movie Posters?

These are basically posters that help promote and advertise a film. They are usually printed in various sizes and contain different content, depending on the location, either at international or local areas. Movie posters include an image with text. Most films nowadays use the photo of the main actors in the film. But back in the day, illustrations were used rather than photos. Important elements of a movie poster include a tagline, the name of the director, the movie characters, the release date, etc.

You can commonly find film posters outside or inside of movie theaters, on the streets such as billboards, or in shops. If you wish to know more about the movie, you can also check out their website, newspapers, magazines, etc. The size of the poster also differs per country. There are different specifications needed in posting movie posters in a certain country.

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Abstract Blank Movie Poster

Classic Blank Movie Poster

Printable Blank Movie Poster

Key Elements in Creating Movie Posters

Marketing the film is a crucial part in the film’s success, so making the concept and content of the poster must be appealing and interesting enough for the public to watch the movie. Here are some tips and guidelines to follow when designing your own movie poster:

  • Eye catching. The design of the poster must attain the attention, interest, desire, and action of the public. It must make the people want to watch the movie as soon as it comes out. This is an important step in marketing the film. They don’t have to be beautiful to look at as long as they grab the attention of people passing by.
  • Make the concept obvious. Using images to showcase the film, the movie plot, or concept should make the “figuring out what this movie is” part easy for the viewers.
  • Interest. Most movie posters nowadays place their main character at the center of the poster, which provides a sort of a teaser for the movie plot. This creates interest for the viewer.
  • Appeal. When creating movie posters for movies that are derived from other entertainment sources such as comics or books, make sure that the content is interesting enough for fans and nonfans alike.
  • Style. What you want to also make sure of is that the visual content of the poster is relevant to the films plot. This can help make the poster stand out from similar genre of movies.
  • Make the poster recognizable even on their sequels. This is important in making a continuation of the film for viewers to expect the rest of the movie and for them to recognize what the movie is all about as well.

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