9+ Stone Floor Textures


Texture is one of the most crucial aspects that one should consider when tackling about visual arts. It is used to add aesthetics to any visual art work, to make it more appealing and alluring, eventually attracting people to look at it and convince them to purchase it.

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Texture also adds what artists call “the soul” of the visual art piece. It is what delivers things like moods, hue, and emotions. It was what makes wood roof textures come to life. There is a wide variety of textures available out there, be it Photoshop textures or 3D textures, and we’ve got some of the best.

White Stone Floor Texture

white stone floor textureDownload

Marble Stone Floor Texture

marble stone floor textureDownload

Stone Floor Texture

stone floor textureDownload

Stone Floor Tile Texture

stone floor tile textureDownload

Medieval Stone Floor Texture

medieval stone floor textureDownload

Why Designers Prefer Stone Floor Texture

Designing has always aimed to depict a certain type of beauty. A beauty that could both capture the hearts of many and at the same time, become profitable. With the numerous textures available to us, one would often have a hard time in choosing one.

But a certain texture design seems to stand out from the rest and that is the stone texture. It is remarkable for a couple of reasons:

  • It adds a tone of rawness and an “earthy” vibe.
  • Its random or fixed patterns are oddly satisfying.
  • It has a natural feel to it.

A Collection of Stone Floor Textures

It’s true that designers could come up or use any type of texture available to them. However, there’s just not that many textures that could match the artistic effectiveness stone floor textures provide. Because of their efficiency, people have made numerous variants of them, some of which are:

  • Orange Granite Stone Texture – Granite and orange certainly make a good pair and delivers an interesting blending of colors.
  • Multicolor Marble Stone Texture – The mixture of white, light brown, gray, and black add that rustic feel.
  • Grunge Flat Cutted Stone Texture – A minimalist stone texture of grunge black and gray.

Seamless Stone Floor Texture

seamless stone floor textureDownload

Colored Pebble Stone Floor Texture

color pebble stone floor textureDownload

Medieval Black Stones Floor Texture

medieval black stones floor textureDownload

Stone Wall Texture

stone wall textureDownload

Rolling Stone Floor Texture

rolling stone floor textureDownload

Stone Floor Texture Ideas

It’s undeniable that stone floor textures are beautiful works of art that anyone can definitely appreciate. With its numerous aesthetic properties, one would often find themselves captivated with its brilliance. But truth be told, you can’t just use the texture anywhere.

The same way that you can’t paint huge buildings and skyscrapers to a competition that dons a nature theme, stone floor textures should be utilized appropriately. Here are a couple of motifs that can give you a better idea of where to aptly use stone textures:

  • Bohemian Settings – Stone textures perfectly compliment this type of setting, as it amplifies that unconventional yet natural vibe one is looking for.
  • Streets – The best application for a stone texture is out on the streets because they require less cleaning, basically none, and less maintenance.
  • Swimming Pools – They can also be used for swimming pools, especially infinity pools, as they make it look more natural and appealing.
  • Buildings – Stone textures are most often used in five-star hotels, as certain variants add aesthetic values like class and sophistication.


You can also use them on religious establishments. Buildings like mosques and churches use abstract textures of stones due to certain artistic and religious beliefs.

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