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7+ Newspaper Textures

Tired of the usual newspaper template designs? Looking for more templates? You’re on the right page. Newspapers designs was primarily used in the realm of online magazines and newspapers. But nowadays, even websites can take the form of newspapers and magazines. If you’re into this kind of field, you can surely rely on our templates.

14+ FREE NEWSPAPER Templates - Download Now Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Apple (MAC) Pages, Microsoft Publisher

You can check out our array of templates which are of great quality. Moreover, they are also easy to download and use. By using our templates, your website will be easy to recognize, use, and at the same content rich. So, what are you waiting for? Feel free to download them. If you’re interested with Old Paper Textures, we also have some templates for you.

Vintage Newspaper Texture

Blank Newspaper Texture

Crumpled Newspaper Texture

Newspaper Texture for Photoshop

High Resolution Newspaper Texture


Characteristics of Newspaper Textures

Historically, roses were already famous and used from one generation to another. To appreciate more our rose textures, here are some key points about roses that are worth knowing:

  • Black-and-white texture. This is mostly the aura that a newspaper texture portrays. The color scheme is friendly to the eyes of the reader. The simplicity of the color is conducive for concentrating and focusing on the content of the website.
  • Minimal graphics. According to research, in a newspaper design, the layout is clean, simple, and structured. There are really no unnecessary designs. Examples of most commonly used graphics are lines, shapes, and textures.
  • Functional sidebar. Most newspaper-inspired designs have a functional sidebar. The ingredients for a successful sidebar are size, colors, fonts, and many more. Mostly, it features certain advertisements, discounts, special offers, and many more.
  • White space maximization. The so-called white space is an essential component of a newspaper style design. It further elevates the level of simplicity but content-rich character of a newspaper texture design.

These are just some of the characteristics of newspaper textures. By using them, your content will surely shine. Aside from that, we also have Handmade Paper Textures for your use and benefit.

Seamless Newspaper Texture


Newspaper Collage Texture


Tips in Using Textures

After knowing the characteristics of newspaper textures, let’s go into the application process. It is important to apply and use textures strategically. In line with this, here are tips in using textures:

  • Overlay. Most textures are used as an overlay. It will help give more vibrance and substance to the image. For instance, it can give an image a vintage feels.
  • Mock-ups. They are used to display artwork such as in the field of logos and t-shirt graphics.
  • Screens for illustrations. You can also use or apply textures to vector illustrations give a more vintage and worn look.
  • Backgrounds. They are also great in terms of applying them as backgrounds. They can supplement and empower your designs rather than overshadow the.

These are just some of the tips on where to apply textures. In the world of website design, they will truly complement the other elements of your website. You can surely rely on our newspaper textures because they portray content-rich and informative design structures. If you’re interested with Watercolor Paper Textures, we also have some templates for you to use. They are also of high quality and definition.

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