9+ Brushed Metal Textures


Metals are one of the materials especially used in the industrial era, and as the new age entered, they never stopped to be a handy tool for engineers and designers alike. As graphic designers, one way to expand your skills and creativity is to include various resources to your design tools such as brushes, textures, patterns, and more to create amazing designs and master your craft.

That’s why here at Template.net, we offer you these resources to download and use, and on this page, we present to you a collection of brushed metal textures to add to your ever-growing collection. Brushed metal textures are great additions to your arsenal of Photoshop tools and will help give your design process a boost. So, feel free to browse through the page and don’t forget to check out other Free Textures available on our website.

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Brushed Silver Metal Texture

brushed silver metal texture Download

Dark Brushed Metal Texture

dark brushed metal texture Download

Seamless Brushed Metal Texture

seamless brushed metal texture Download

Circular Brushed Metal Texture

circular brushed metal texture Download

Gold Brushed Metal Texture

gold brushed metal texture Download

Why Use Brushed Metal Textures

Brushed metal textures are easy to use as well as apply in your design or any creative work. Here are some reasons to choose and use these brushed metal textures:

  • It creates a polished look. In web design, an empty background could give your page’s visitor an impression of an unfinished job. A background with these textures can make them feel that the page their viewing was done with a lot of thought thus valuable.
  • It grabs attention. Using brushed metal textures to highlight titles, headings, icons, and buttons provide a classic feel to these elements. If used wisely, it can separate the element from the rest of the content and guide the user’s eye directly to the content.
  • It helps build an identity. Brushed metal textures can be used by websites or products to build an atmosphere other than displaying information in their content. It is one way to enhance the website’s identity, which will enable users to identify with the brand.
  • It gives a sense of professionalism. While some textures and colors create a fun and energetic atmosphere, brushed metal textures convey a laid-back but still an interesting mood to the page, especially when used in business collateral or websites.

There are other types of Metal Textures we have to offer, so make sure not to miss them!

Blue Brushed Metal Texture

blue brushed metal texture Download

Brushed Metal Texture for Photoshop

brushed metal texture for photoshop Download

Free Brushed Metal Texture

free brushed metal texture Download

High Resolution Brushed Metal Texture

high resolution brushed metal texture Download

Brushed Metal Grunge Texture

brushed metal grunge texture Download


How to Use Brushed Metal Textures

Brushed metal textures have characteristics that can be used for a variety of purposes and occasions like the following:

  • Website backgrounds. This kind of texture is great for backgrounds of webpages as they do not steal the spotlight from the important elements of your personal blog or business website.
  • 3D modeling. A nice brushed steel or a silver metal grate provides the modern, edgy look that is perfect for 3D modeling or industrial themes and create high-quality and photorealistic designs.
  • Icons and logos. With its not too loud texture, brushed metal is also great for icons and logos to use as background for texts or other objects instead of using solid and loud complementary colors.
  • Labels. They are also great for labels especially the one attached to walls or metal casings as they blend well with the background and creates an illusion of being part of it. When used as skins for texts, they create a stencil design.

Take a look at more of our collection, such as Free 3D Textures, for more inspiring ideas!

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