30+ Old Paper Textures to Create Beautiful Timeless Pieces of Work

There is always a sense of nostalgia that comes rushing in whenever one looks at old paper, books, and journals. There is something fascinating and mesmerizing about the endurance of the written word, and the old, brittle and brown papers that carry them forward. Channel this indescribable feeling in your work by using these old paper textures.

There Are Many Options For These Old Paper Textures

They can be wrinkled, stained, smooth, with vintage floral designs, torn-edged, burnt-edged etc. You can download the best old paper textures here for free, though some of them are premium paid ones. You can use them as your webpage background or Photoshop layers, or in your artwork or as your wallpaper.(texture old paper,free old paper texture,old paper texture hd,old textured paper) You may also seeĀ Watercolor Paper Textures.

Here Are Some Creative Uses You Can Make Of These Top Old Paper Textures

These unique old paper textures are an excellent choice for handwritten notes and invitations. Download them and write your message on the paper in a cursive vintage font to give it a more authentic feel. You can also incorporate some other retro design elements like vintage illustrations to make your notes even more of a work of art. You may also check out hereĀ Newspaper Textures.

Old Paper Texture

  • 229716 old paper texture

Texture Old Paper

  • old paper texture 4324117

Old Grunge Vintage Texture

  • old grunge vintage texture

Free Old Paper Texture

  • old paper texture 3 1138508

Old paper texture

  • 229715 old paper texture

Old Paper Texture HD

  • old paper textures 6998055

Old Paper Background

  • 119110 old paper backgrounds

Old Paper

  • 127874 old paper

Old Textured Paper

  • 1733x2427 untld 17 82297788

Aged Paper Texture

  • old paper texture 2 55980

6 Old Sheets Of Paper Texture

  • 6 old sheets of paper textures 137389311

Old Natural Paper Textures

  • 231205 old natural paper textures

Old Paper Texture

  • old paper texture 0004 9994542

Simple Old Paper Texture Vector

  • old paper texture vector

Old Grunge Vintage Texture

  • 113522 old grunge vintage texture

12 Old Paper Textures

  • graphicburger12 paper textures

8 Old Paper Textures

  • 8 old paper textures 94922

Aged Paper Texture

  • 118895 grunge background

Old Grunge Vintage Texture

  • 113524 old grunge vintage texture

Old vintage Paper textures

  • 152746 old vintage paper textures

Paper Texture

  • paper texture 56734374

Old Paper Grunge Background

  • 118902 grunge background

Old Paper Texture Stock

  • old paper texture stock 130818207

10 Old Paper Textures

  • old paper textures 105584

This sample of 10 old paper textures has a pixel resolution of 2700X1900 PX. The sample also sports 300 Dpi and has a yellowish and white color with an antique texture.

Antique Paper Texture

  • 53945 old paper

8 Old Paper Textures Backgrounds

  • 8 old paper texturesbackgrounds 63909

Old Looking Paper

  • old paper texture 63582296

Old Paper Texture

  • 229714 old paper texture

Texture Old Paper

  • old paper texture 117552813

Looking Old Paper Texture

  • 229713 old paper texture

You can use the same idea for handmade cards. You can use the old Premium Pretty paper textures as background paper in your framed photographs to give them an antique portrait feel. Paste your photographs on the paper and then insert them in a plain white frame for a shabby-chic look.

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