44+ Wood Textures


There are different kinds of textures you can use to decorate your designs or your artwork. You can do them manually by using different artistic methods like painting or drawing on your main piece of art. Others have a different approach to creating the perfect artwork which is to use different digital tools and software programs to make such artwork come to life.

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Here, we share some wood textures you can use to apply to your digital art and add o your collection of textures you can use for your future projects when using Adobe Photoshop or other professional photo editing or graphic software programs. We will also be sharing a brief description for some wood textures on where they can be used for. You can also check out our website for dust textures if you’re going for an unused and run-down feel in your creative designs.

Wood Grain Textures

Wood Grain Vector Texture

wood grain vector textureDownload

Black Wood Grain Texture

black wood grain textureDownload

Cherry Wood Grain Texture

cherry wood grain textureDownload

Wood Floor Textures

Wood Floor Tile Texture

wood floor tile textureDownload

Bamboo Wood Floor Texture

bamboo wood floor textureDownload

Herringbone Wood Floor Texture

herringbone wood floor textureDownload

Wood Plank Textures

Wood Plank Concrete Texture

wood plank concrete textureDownload

High-Resolution Wood Plank Texture

high res wood plank textureDownload

Minecraft Wood Plank Texture

minecraft wood plank textureDownload

Seamless Wood Textures

Seamless Polished Wood Texture

seamless polished wood textureDownload

Seamless Wood Siding Texture

seamless wood siding textureDownload

Dark Wood Textures

Dark Oak Wood Texture

dark oak wood textureDownload

Dark Pine Wood Texture

dark pine wood textureDownload

Dark Rough Wood Texture

dark rough wood textureDownload

What Are Textures?

Textures are elements you can use to adjust the different shapes or objects of your different artwork or pictures (and can easily be downloaded on our website as well). Textures are tools in Photoshop that you can use to create different patterns or intricate shapes which you can use without creating such shapes or objects manually. Textures can also be added to your collection of brush presets which you can use for future projects. Textures are also used to enhance creativity by adding more effects to your digital artwork or add different effects for your pictures.

Textures are also used to add more details in environmental designs and make nature-themed designs look more natural by using different wood textures or patterns in them. Texture tools and presets are highly used by graphic designers that can be used for both corporate or for entertainment purposes as well.

Why Do You Need Textures?

Texture tools are important because without it, you will have to create certain shapes or objects manually or from scratch. Without textures, creativity will be limited for designers, and effects will be limited as well. Textures are also important for designers to use so that they can finish work fast with having multiple textures to use.

In this case, which are wood textures, they commonly give you wood-like textures to create wooden effects on your designs or for pictures. They can be used as additional props to add more details to your digital artwork or designs as well. Texture tools are also important because they provide us with the necessary effects we need to create wood-related or nature-themed designs. Specifically, wood textures can help us edit our work quickly, efficiently, and with style as well.

Wood Texture Examples

The main purpose for downloading a wood texture sample is to help users create different types of artwork using wood textures as effects or foundations in their designs. Below are some examples of different wood textures you can find from our website and a brief description on where they can be used for:

  • Wood Grain Textures. These types of textures are usually the ones commonly used to add as effects to pictures or different artworks. You can use these types of textures when you want to apply wood-themed effects to your artwork.
  • Black Wood Grain Texture. You can use these types of wood textures if you want to apply a black kind of wood texture in your designs. These are commonly used as add-ons to create more detailed wood effects in different types of artwork.
  • Cherry Wood Grain Texture. These types of wood textures are commonly used to create different cherrywood effects which you can apply to your designs.
  • Wood Floor Texture. These types of textures are commonly applied as floor designs for homes which most architects or graphic designers use to make 3D home models for presentation purposes. These can also be used as backgrounds for banners or posters as well.
  • Bamboo Wood Floor Texture. Like other floor textures, these are also commonly applied as floor designs for homes or commercial buildings, which are also best used for presentation purposes.

Our website provides other wood textures you can use to improve the creativity of your designs as well add more textures to your collection of tools in your photo editing software program. You can check out our website for spray textures if you want to apply different spray effects to your designs or cracked textures if you wish to apply different cracked textures to your artwork.

Old Wood Textures

Old Painted Wood Texture

old painted wood textureDownload

Old Scratched Wood Texture

old scratched wood textureDownload

Old Barn Wood Texture

old barn wood textureDownload

Aged Wood Textures

High Quality Aged Wood Texture

high quality aged wood textureDownload

Aged Black Wood Texture

aged black wood textureDownload

Aged Brown Wood Texture

aged brown wood textureDownload

Distressed Wood Textures

Distressed White Wood Texture

distressed white wood textureDownload

Distressed Colored Wood Texture

distressed colored wood textureDownload

Distressed Stained Wood Texture

distressed stained wood textureDownload

Grunge Wood Textures

Grunge Marbled Wood Texture

grunge marbled wood textureDownload

Grunge Ply Wood Texture

grunge ply wood textureDownload

Grunge Cracked Wood Texture

grunge cracked wood textureDownload

Rustic Wood Textures

Rustic Wood Surface Texture

rustic wood surface textureDownload

Weathered Rustic Wood Texture

weathered rustic wood textureDownload

Rustic Faded Wood Texture

rustic faded wood textureDownload

Common Uses of Wood Textures

Wood textures are made for you to be flexible enough to use them for other purposes besides from making various digital designs. Below are some other purposes where wood textures can be used as well:

  • Architectural purposes. Most architects or graphics designers use wood textures to create different object or structural designs incorporating wood textures in their designs to show more of a nature-themed designs or designs that demand wood textures in them.
  • Wallpaper choices. Wood textures can also be used for wallpaper design purposes. People today may use different wood textures to create wallpapers, which they can use to help them design homes or establishments for it to have a nature-themed approach.
  • Posters/banners. Wood textures can also be used as decorations for posters and banners. They may serve as backgrounds for the designs or they may serve as a foundation to have a unique artwork. Using wood textures will also help if you plan to create a nature-themed design.
  • Event organizers. Event organizers also commonly use wood textures which they can use to create nature-themed invitations, backgrounds for events and souvenirs, or tokens for the attendees as well. With wood textures, event organizers can save time from creating unique shapes from scratch and help give a variety of textures to use in creating designs.
  • Different establishments. Most establishments commonly in the food industry try to use wood textures when designing their company logos or want to apply wood textures in their packaging.

The Advantage of Wood Textures

Using wood textures has its own perks apart from saving time from designing different wood patterns and colors from scratch. Wood textures are also used as basis for artists who would like to make wood patterns out of raw materials, draw, or paint them out. Wood textures can also serve as decorations which most artists today use as well.

Using wood textures also adds a more realistic details if you are designing an environment involving wood or nature, using the textures will give it a realistic effect making your designs look more attractive to the viewers and have more appeal. There are different kinds of wood textures already made for you to use right away and add them to your collection for you to use on your future projects.

Why Use Our Wood Textures?

Our collections of different textures, including this set of wood textures, offer a variety of textures which you can use for different purposes. The wood textures we display will also greatly help you in creating the designs you want without too much hassle. Our website also offers different tips and more information about wood textures and other textures and brush sets available for you to be to use them properly. You can also check out our website for different stone textures or check out this collection of textures for a myriad of other design ideas.

Guidelines in Designing

For you to achieve an excellent output, you will have to follow different instructions and use the wood textures properly for you to be able to design correctly and avoid making too many mistakes which may waste your time. Below are some factors you should consider when using wood textures and designing your work:

  • Prepare all software needed. Before you can design anything, you will have to make sure on what software program you will have to use that supports the different wood textures and other plugins you need to create your designs. Being able to have all the software programs is already a step closer for you to achieve a great design. Make sure you are also comfortable with using the specific software program to make your designs.
  • Have the appropriate tools. Make sure you are able to download all the wood textures and all the other tools you need to create your designs. As much as possible, avoid displaying tools which you do not use in creating your designs for your screen to look organized.
  • Make sure your hardware is updated. For you to create high-quality designs and design seamlessly, your computer will need to have the appropriate specs for it to function properly and for your computer to handle the maximum performance it needs to run heavy software programs. Be sure to run maintenance and virus checks on your computers for it to run properly and avoid software or internal problems in the future as well.
  • Constantly saving your work. By being able to save your work constantly, you can continue from where you left off in case of power shortage or if you plan to continue working on your designs at a later time. By saving your work, you can also create copies which you can use to duplicate your work and continue working from another device.

Tileable Wood Textures

Realistic Tileable Wood Texture

realistic tileable wood textureDownload

Tileable Wood Bark Texture

tileable wood bark textureDownload

Gray Tileable Wood Texture

gray tileable wood textureDownload

Watercolor Wood Textures

Abstract Watercolor Wood Texture

abstract watercolor wood textureDownload

Soft Watercolor Wood Texture

soft watercolor wood textureDownload

Watercolor Wood Background Texture

watercolor wood background textureDownload

Weathered Wood Textures

DIY Weathered Wood Texture

diy weathered wood textureDownload

Outdoor Weathered Wood Texture

outdoor weathered wood textureDownload

Weathered Worn Wood Texture

weathered worn wood textureDownload

Dirty Wood Textures

Dirty Dusty Wood Texture

dirty dusty wood textureDownload

Vanished Dirty Wood Texture

vanished dirty wood textureDownload

Dirty Wood Peeling Texture

dirty wood peeling textureDownload

Blender Wood Textures

Blender 3D Wood Texture

blender 3d wood textureDownload

Blender Glossy Wood Texture Format

blender glossy wood textureDownload

Blender Wood Texture Template

photoshop blender wood textureDownload

Creating the Perfect Design

Since you already have all the tools and know where to get your wood textures, you can now start creating your designs. But before creating your artwork, you will have to consider some things when you start creating your work. Below are some factors which you need to consider when designing your artwork:

  • Be sure not to overpower your contents with the designs. It is always preferable to be creative, but do not overpower the contents of your work with too many designs, especially if you are designing posters or banners that need to display important details which readers should know.
  • Be creative. Always have an eye out for new concepts, specifically for the wood textures. You can apply different wood texture effects in your designs. As much as possible, think of different alternatives to use in place of textures and research on the different concepts used by other artists in their designs.
  • Place borderlines and add effects. Take advantage of the different software, its tools, and other plugins you can use to maximize your creations. Place different kinds of borderlines in your designs to serve as margins, place different shapes or objects to give contrast to your designs, and apply different photo effects or filters to change the mood of your designs.

You can also check out our website if you need more sources to apply different textures in your designs. You my also want to try using different kinds of Photoshop rust textures to apply a rusty kind of effect in your designs or concrete textures if you’re designing mock-ups and models of infrastructures. Be sure to constantly check the download links for any download restrictions the publisher or author may have placed for commercial use.

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