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Digital designing and computer based projects are the most widely used items nowadays and for simplifying the digital designing task, texture templates are available online. You can use the texture templates for photoshop which are available in both free and paid version to make the base for your projects, presentations, websites, pages and several other places which require you to be different and presentable.... Read More

parchment paper texture

9+ Parchment Paper Textures

A parchment paper is a special type of paper used in baking for their non-sticky quality. They’re not like any regular paper both in function and visual aesthetic. When it comes to design, parchment paper textures are often used to bring out a classic, vintage, and old character. This is the reason why themed events always use this kind of texture when designing event items, materials and documents.

9+ Sidewalk Textures

Sidewalk textures are visual representations of the textures that you normally see in sidewalks. Since a lot of people pass by on side walks, the texture present in this material is usually characterized by roughness and a washed out appearance. There are different design ideas that you can bring to life by using sidewalk textures appropriately.

9+ Stone Floor Textures

Texture is one of the most crucial aspects that one should consider when tackling about visual arts. It is used to add aesthetics to any visual art work, to make it more appealing and alluring, eventually attracting people to look at it and convince them to purchase it.

9+ Stainless Textures

Stainless textures are used to provide additional shine to items and materials. There are different kinds of stainless textures inspired by the different physical conditions of the actual stainless materials. In selecting a stainless texture to use as a design, you need to make sure that you are guided by the output that you want to achieve.This post contains different samples of Photoshop textures that can be found in stainless materials. The samples stainless textures that you can see in this article are all downloadable and is easy to apply to any document that you would like to design.

9+ Steel Plate Textures

Being able to use different steel plate textures will help you create steel textures with ease. Additionally, using them will save you time as you do not have to make them from scratch. Not only that, metallic textures, whether they come in gold or steel plate, will give your design that edge it needs.