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10+ Wall Textures

Photoshop Brick Wall Textures are some of the more common textures you can find online. For many graphic projects where a real-world setup has to be digitally rendered, the detail of a brick or cement wall is among the most essential and the most tedious to do by hand. But lazy attention to such detail is inexcusable when all these great textures are available for free right here, right now, for you to use instead.

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If you’re looking to expand your texture collection or if you’re new to the game and just realized you needed textures, you’re going to want to start here first.

Free Wall Texture


Yellow Wall Texture


Wild Brick Wall Texture


Splatter Wall Texture


Sedimentary Wall Texture


Bricks Wall Texture


How to Use Wall Textures

Textures in the world of digital art are graphics, often merely raster graphics (fixed pixel or non-vectors) such as a JPG or PNG files. They will show the surface of a particular material with its particular consistency, pattern, and roughness duly represented.

These textures can be then used to “map” over a polygonal object in your digital imaging software (e.g. Photoshop) to give that object a realistic look.

Wall textures are some of the easiest ones to make and the hardest ones to find. Many artists with good resources can merely go out and snap a picture of a wall somewhere that has an interesting texture. Not everyone is so lucky. Besides the fact that these textures have to be of high quality and resolution, you will find yourself often needing very specific kinds of walls. Brick walls with a certain brick type and color, or unpainted concrete walls with different levels of wear and tear, for example.

You can easily find many Free Textures online, but it can be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for.

To help you out, these wall textures cover some of the most usable types of brick walls of many types of stone and cement lines, as well as some old wall textures with faint cracks in them. You can download these now for free as high-resolution raster files.

Grunge Old Wall Texture


Free Wall Texture for Photoshop

Free Old Stone Brick Wall Texture


Seamless Stone Wall Texture


PSD Wall Texture

Some Notes on Using Wall Textures

Having the most impressive collection of textures will still not help your art much if you don’t know how to use them properly. Wall textures are not like some Abstract Textures that can be wrapped around anything indiscriminately and still work.

Wall textures are not abstract entities: they are representations of actual walls. And you can have a realistic wall texture and an unrealistic composition if you don’t take into account the following:

  • Let the type of wall say some of the story for you. Whether you are designing a mock-up of a city scene, or creating a poster with an urban theme, use a type of wall that fits. The Sedimentary Wall Texture will work for an old but wealthy rustic house, while the Free Old Stone Brick Wall just says old. Worn-out textures already come with their own story. Use that to your advantage.
  • Work with the file type you have. Again we must stress these are raster graphics and not vectors. Do not stretch these textures to fill in more wall space, even if it is high-resolution. The size of the bricks will get blown out of proportion. If you must map over a large area, look for textures that have a seamless quality to it, so you can join them end to end without any noticeable break.
  • Work with (or over) its embedded qualities. You will have to take into account any coloring and peculiar defects or shadow gradients. Try to mask these with an overall gradient or color dodge on a separate layer if needed.

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