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9+ Parchment Paper Textures

A parchment paper is a special type of paper used in baking for their non-sticky quality. They’re not like any regular paper both in function and visual aesthetic. When it comes to design, parchment paper textures are often used to bring out a classic, vintage, and old character. This is the reason why themed events always use this kind of texture when designing event items, materials and documents.

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If you’ve been looking for free textures with old parchment paper designs, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Check out our list of grunge, seamless, and floral parchment papers to give you your fill of awesome textures and designs. There are a lot of samples that you may select so feel free to experiment when designing the item where you will place our textures.

Free Parchment Paper Texture


Seamless Parchment Paper Texture


Grunge Parchment Paper Texture


Floral Parchment Paper Texture


Parchment Paper Texture for Photoshop


Different Kinds of Parchment Textures and Designs

You might think  that parchment papers only have one look and it is that of what is being used in typical baking processes. However, there are actually plenty of parchment paper textures for you to choose from which have been developed by artists and other creatives.

Parchment papers used in design processes now vary in the following characteristics:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Design format
  • Texture
  • Opacity
  • Added design material

Parchment papers and other old paper textures have unique characteristics that are simply not achieved by the more contemporary and modern designs. If you think that you cannot use these textures in the digital age, the differences in the above mentioned items actually make parchment papers flexible enough to be used in almost any design. Some specific parchment textures and designs are as follows:

  • If you want a more worn out look for a flyer, invite, or wallpaper, the seamless parchment paper texture has a clean finish and is perfect for tiled images that create a singular background.
  • The old styled parchment paper texture, yellow parchment paper texture, and parchment paper texture for Photoshop designs all have this antique feel that make the textures look like they naturally aged over time; with some that even have coffee stain effects to make the old aesthetic more real.
  • If you want additional flairs to your texture, the grunge parchment paper texture and floral parchment paper texture both used unique design elements that separate them from the more common parchment paper designs.

Old Styled Parchment Paper Texture


Blue Parchment Paper Texture


Yellow Parchment Paper Texture


Crumpled Parchment Paper Texture


White Parchment Paper Texture


Design Ideas Using Parchment Paper Textures

If you’re trying to think of more ways to use parchment paper textures and designs for any DIY projects, grab some inspiration and innovate with our list of DIY design ideas. Some of the craft activities that you may draw inspiration from are as follows:

  • Make vintage flyers with parchment paper textures to create an authentic classic feel to your event. Be consistent and use vintage fonts, black and white images or stencils in ink. This will be best for company gatherings, reunions, and kid’s treasure hunt.
  • Create handwritten letters in calligraphy, with legitimate coffee stains and burned edges to literally add a vintage appeal to your design. Using parchment paper textures as a background can also provide you with a visual feast relevant for an old-themed written design.
  • Your invite envelopes can be designed with worn out or creased paper textures to add to the effect of your themed event. As an example, you can use parchment paper textures for a debut or a wedding that is inspired by the 80’s or the retro lifestyle.
  • Your photo albums, wall art, and home galleries can benefit from parchment paper designs as well by using them as background textures or wallpapers to fit your black and white photography or landscape photos.

Parchment paper textures do serve multiple purposes that aren’t just limited to baking. They are especially handy in designing artistic projects  and other materials.

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