9+ Gradient Textures


A color gradient is characterized either by an increase or decrease in the magnitude of color properties which may be seen based on the combination of two or more colors as they pass from one solid color to another. There are variations on how specific colors may be mixed together. What is important in this process is that the horizon where the combined colors meet should be properly blended that the characteristics of the individual colors may still be seen alongside the effect of the color mixture.

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We can give you samples of gradient templates if you want to use them as design materials in any project or item that you are currently working on. Also, we can provide you with downloadable samples of various Photoshop textures for additional references.

Yellow Gradient Texture

yellow gradient texture Download

Gradient Background Texture

gradient background texture Download

Gradient Overlay Texture

gradient overlay texture Download

Cool Gradient Texture

cool gradient texture Download

Abstract Gradient Texture

abstract gradient texture Download

Kinds of Gradient Textures

There are different artistic interpretations that can be applied in a gradient texture. A gradient texture can be any of the following:

  • It can be characterized by color dots that may vary in sizes to create the needed color combination of a gradient design.
  • Gradients textures can also be composed of fading colors. The darkest tone can be outside the design material to create more depth in the gradient texture.
  • Gradient textures can also make use of particle overlays where bits and pieces of color specks can be the interpretation of a color mixture.
  • There are also gradient textures that exhibit color washout which makes it cool, simple, and visually light.
  • Gradient textures can also be a play of various abstract brush strokes where colors can be combined through the combination of various colors applied in a medium through an art brush.
  • There can also be instances where gradient textures can be seen in the luster of design materials to make the design look three dimensional.
  • Seamless gradient textures make use of patterns and color combinations that can be applied repetitively in a wide canvas without removing the focus on the gradient application.

Other than our samples of gradient texture templates, our samples and templates of watercolor textures are also available for download.

Blue Gradient Texture

blue gradient texture Download

Seamless Gradient Texture

seamless gradient texture Download

Pink Gradient Texture

pink gradient texture Download

Watercolor Gradient Texture

watercolor gradient texture Download

Halftone Gradient Texture

halftone gradient texture Download

Usages of Gradient Textures

The gradient textures that you may download from this page can be used for the following purposes:

  • It can be an interior design inspiration that interior designers may use to create a space that is aesthetically modern and pleasing to the eyes.
  • Gradient textures can also be used as a wallpaper design may it be on mobile phones, Web pages, or in any other documents.
  • Gradient textures may also be applied to merchandises to create character to wherever the gradient texture will be applied
  • The gradient textures available in this page may also be used as wall designs to different establishments or even in a livable residential space.
  • There are also artists who can use gradient textures in the next art project that they will create.

Things to Consider in Using Gradient Textures

A few guidelines that you may follow in using a gradient texture are as follows:

  • Assure that the color combination present in the gradient texture will complement the material where you will place it.
  • Use gradient textures depending on the style of the color combination present in it.
  • Apply gradient textures in materials that are not too busy in terms of its visuals as the color combination present in a gradient texture can sometimes be already too overwhelming.

Aside from our samples of gradient textures, you may also be interested to browse through and download our samples and templates of abstract textures for additional design references.

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