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9+ Book Textures

Searching for well-designed book textures? We’ve got templates for you. Bookworms will truly fancy these book designs we offer. This kind of design integrates the style, format, design, structure, and sequence of a book into a new masterpiece. In line with this, book textures are your best friends.

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To escape from the hassles searching for one, you can check out our array of book textures, which are of great quality. Moreover, they are also easy to download and use. Indeed, every texture tells a story. If you’re also interested with Photoshop textures, we also have some templates in store for you. Feel free to unfold there magic and brilliance.

Free Downloadable Book Texture


Retro Book Texture


Old Book Texture


30 Old Book Textures


Vintage Book Texture


Three Varieties of Textures

In the age of information technology wherein almost everything is electronically done, books not only survive, but they have even thrived. They are still a great source of knowledge and learning. In order to appreciate more the beauty and relevance of our book textures, let’s examine the three major varieties of textures:

  • Visual texture. It is considered as the illusion of having physical texture. Examples of visual textures are photography, paintings, and drawings. In here, textures are used to imitate a certain aspect of reality but with accompanying modifications and adjustments.
  • Physical texture. This refers to the actual textures. Examples of physical textures are fur, wood, grain, sand, and the like. These gives more meaning, context, and personality of the design.
  • Hypertexture. This is mostly applied in the realm of cybergraphics. According to research, it can be a realistic simulated surface texture produced by adding small distortions across the surface of the object.

These are just some of the important varieties of textures that can help you kick-start your work. Aside from these, we also offer other textures, such as paper textures, which are also of great quality and design.

Vector Book Texture


Antique Book Cover Texture


Set of Old Paper Textures


Free Book Texture


Books Pile Texture


Why Use Book Textures

Book textures are mostly used in the area of website design because it can pull off an intellectual and creative design. Books form a great part of the growth and development of the human mind. There are still a lot of things we need to learn, and books introduce us to such facts and information. In line with this, here are some practical applications of book textures:

  • Enhances information presentation. Textures are used to guide the readers in a certain website. It enhances and gives more justice to the logic behind a chosen theme. It supplements the innate beauty of the adopted theme.
  • Bolsters the identity of the website. It sets the tone of the websites. It gives the users an idea of the overall message of the website. In addition to this, it also adds to the functionality of the website because the readers will understand the dynamics of the website even better.
  • Memorable and catchy designs. You can also use them in terms of beautifying and enhancing your Photoshop designs. It will add a more vintage vibe on your design. With the use of textures, a website will not be dragging and boring.

In connection to this, we also have book cover textures, which are also of great quality and design. So, what are you waiting for? Feel free to download and use our designs and templates. Enjoy your stay at!

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