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What Is an Agreement between Two Parties?

An agreement between two parties is a written document of the agreed statements of two parties involved in an agreement. Each party solemnly swears that they will comply as to what is written in the agreement. If failed to do so, expect consequences to every act, so don't start an agreement between two parties if you are not committed to it. Few examples of agreement between two parties are vehicle agreement between two parties or money agreements between two parties.

How to Make an Agreement between Two Parties?

agreement between two parties template

Agreeing to two parties is a positive move for both parties wanting a partnership. It legally binds two parties as one to make a better version of each other. An agreement between two parties is most abundant in establishing a business with another party. Making one also requires deep and thorough thinking as to what will be the content of the agreement. However, it remains its simplicity and formality. So if you are a business owner wanting to have an agreement between two parties, here are some steps as to how to make a business agreement between two parties.

1. Identify the Parties Involved

The first step that you have to do is to identify the parties involved in the agreement. Provide pieces of information that are helpful in the agreement. Each has certain assigned duties to hold and it depends on the role of each in the agreement. Define each other's role in the agreement because of the convenience of transferring the duties and responsibilities of each other. Indicate also the purpose of the contract agreement between two parties. In your case, your purpose is business. Layout your topic starting from the general idea to its specific, but before that, consider both factors because it must be a mutual agreement between two parties.

2. Define Terms

Dates are essential terms in your agreement. It defines as to what is the duration of your agreement because most of the agreements are not everlasting and set its deadline. Also, if there is a termination before the said expiration date, the violator must comply with the compensation of the said action. State also as to how and where the payment would be enclosed if the compensation is in cash form. But if one cannot comply with the payment, one can request a sample loan agreement between two parties from the opposing party. Define also terms of possibilities of events that will occur in the contract period. It is up to the parties to have conditions about it or not.

3. Consequences for Contracting Breaching and its Considerations

The most hated act in a partnership is to breach the contract. To avoid it, describe what forms breach from each party. Generally, it is considered a contract breaching if one party fails to comply. If possible, search for laws that comply with your conditions when it comes to breaching a contract. But make considerations because there are inescapable circumstances that we tend to experience that hinders us to comply with the agreement. According to the benefit-detriment theory, "an adequate consideration exists only when a promise made to the benefit of the promisor or to the detriment of the promisee, which reasonably and fairly induces the promisor to make a promise for something else for the promisee." Mediation is the best option as it maintains your relationship with your partner, and it also cost less money and effort. If one occurs and mediation has no effect, the possibility would be that everything between them goes back as to what it is before the agreement.

4. Finalize Your Agreement

Proofread your argument and make changes if applicable. Try to consider having an attorney review your simple agreement to apply the legal standard. If it is finalized, sign your agreement together with your partner and secure a copy for yourself. Seal it with a handshake and hope for a better partnership with the other party.

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