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What Is the Purpose of a Corporate Brochure?

It's similar to a pamphlet in which it introduces information about a particular corporation to the reader. It is commonly used as a means of advertising one's brand along with whatever services the reader may inquire about or even avail. The majority of corporations also use it as a way to build trust with their current client base and potential business partners.

How to Make a Corporate Brochure in Apple Pages

1. Decide on How It Should Be Folded

Typically, trifolded brochures are preferable when displaying content regarding a particular corporation. This is because the many folds allow one to provide more information and go into more detail. However, you also have the option to go with a bifolded brochure. Although doing so means less space for content, it may just be enough. Decide on which one you would like to go for and then move on to the next step.

2. Present Information on the Company

The brochure's front page must have the name of the corporation. You should also consider including a slogan that's memorable. When making the body of the brochure, there should be a short paragraph that tells the reader about the corporation's history. Be sure to include any important names, dates, and locations whenever necessary. It is also suggested that you include a mission and vision statement. This helps the reader understand what kind of corporation he/she is dealing with and what expectations to set.

3. Choose the Right Pictures to Use

Consider placing the logo of your corporation on the front page of the brochure. Think about what design choice allows for the pictures to immediately capture the eyes of the reader. When choosing which ones to use, make sure that they're the ones that best represent the image of the corporation that you want to display. Also, only go with ones that are of high resolution as you might just have to scale them to fit into the brochure.

4. Provide More Details about Your Corporation

Now you'll have to go into detail regarding what it is that your corporation has to offer. As an example, let's say that you're making a brochure for a corporation that offers engineering-related services. Typical information that you'd find would be the type of engineering services to be provided, finished projects and the names of those involved in their completion, and contact details that the reader can use if ever they wish to communicate with the corporation. As for how you're supposed to arrange everything to make it look presentable, you can always look up brochure templates and use the premade layouts on those.

5. Use Apple Pages

Apple Pages' simple interface and tools are usually the factors that result in people preferring the software for making their brochures. The fact that it easily allows one to choose what template you want to use and what style and layout you should go for are usually what draws users. If you have a Mac or any other Apple device that has Apple Pages, then this is the software that you'll want to use.

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