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How to Create a Construction Finance Document in Google Docs?

Not all clients have the capacity to pay enough money to finish a project, whether if its a residential property or building construction. And a decision must be taken to know if the construction project is worth pursuing or leaving it hanging. Below are some tips you can use to create a construction finance document that you can use for the project:

1. Do a background check

If the client wants to avail of a construction loan, make sure to do a background check if the client can pay the amount it needs for him/her to build its dream house. Gather the information by making an interview or a survey to filter the client's capabilities like work, business, money, and other things.

2. Plan Before Approving

The next thing you should do is to list down the things that you will need to process the client's request. You also need to plan on what documents that you want to give to the client, like the application forms, financial statements, agreements, contracts, and other essential written communication materials. It must have legal documents before approving the loan and proceeding the project.

3. Use MS Excel

Microsoft Excel has a lot of tools you can utilize for you to create some documents for your construction finance process. You can make essential documents needed to keep the client agree to your terms and conditions and other materials.

4. Assess and Evaluate

Make sure that the communication breakdown is complete. It is the agreement between you and your client. If there is missing in your process, it would be difficult to resolve some issues and processes. So, make sure to complete these construction contracts and conditions. Plus, don't forget to check if the details are complete.

5. Produce an Output

Save your files on your computer or websites like Google Drive or Yahoo Mail. Print them according to the number of your needs. You can also give the management a copy of your documents.

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