One of the factors that ensure a company's client retention is its excellent customer service. People will always remember businesses that made them feel important and cared for, and that enhances the chance of a company to thrive in a competition-driven industry. If you are a customer service specialist that wishes to extend your skills in helping a company's clients get the best of service they deserve, then look no further. Our customizable and printable Customer Service Cover Letter Templates are just what you need. Our templates contain pre-made contents that are impressionable to clients. Download it now in all file formats, including MS Word, Google Docs, and Pages

What Is Customer Service?

Excellent customer service is a company's commitment to its clients that the utmost care and assistance will be provided to them. Every establishment has its own CS department to oversee client engagement and help solve any issues and complaints that may arise from any given situation, ensuring thorough customer satisfaction.

How to Create a Customer Service Cover Letter

In creating a customer service cover letter, you only need a PC and your honest intentions concerning the application. Knowing a bit of detail about the company you're working for is also beneficial, and along with these steps, you can always begin your task right.

1. Communicate Clearly and Properly

One of the traits of an excellent customer relations representative is their ability to communicate well with their clients, and or in this situation, their potential employer. Make sure that when you write your letter, it is organized, neat, and specific. Specify clearly where you've heard about the job opportunity, whether you are an experienced job-seeking customer service agent, your objectives, and what you can do for the company. Do not go around the bush and use exaggerated words only to get the job. Your cover letter functions as an appeal to the employer, so explain why you're excellent for the job using your own words, with a subtle hint of professionalism. Not sure about how to express yourself in the letter? Write a short draft.

2. State Your Background of Experience

Many recruiting companies wish for their agents to be more experienced in customer care. However, some are willing to train entry-level employees, especially when it is a start-up company. So, go ahead and speak about your tenured years in the field. If you are a first-timer, state this fact in your letter with an assurance that you are willing to undergo training to be effective in your post.

3. If Currently Working, Explain Why You Want to Change Company

Most job seekers at this time are looking for a new job even before they resigned from their current companies. If you are one of these people, then be upfront in your intentions about your want of shifting to another company. It can be about the management, the lack of training resources to improve in the field, or a problem in your employment contract. If the problem lies in you for your inability to retain a high rate of customer satisfaction, then you may need to think about how to go about it without ruining your chances of getting hired. If you are a work-from-home customer service worker, then state your reasons why you are eager to shift into being office-based.

4. Provide a List of Your Dependable Skills

In the field of customer service, agents are always expected to have learned a thing or more. Excellent telephone etiquettes, knowledge of a company's product or services, or outstanding receptionist skills are among a few things that make an agent reliable in the position. Do not copy your resume when listing your skills. Think about any skills that are unique to you and make you fit for the role.

5. Provide Contact Details

If you wish to be given a chance for an interview, it would be best to leave a contact number or an email, so it would be easier for the interviewers to contact you on any given day.

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