In a business that involves providing services to customers, it’s crucial to achieve excellent performance so that your patrons are kept satisfied. When a written exchange is a need regarding such matters, professional correspondence should be observed--whether to address complaints or compliments. That’s why we’ve prepared a diverse collection of easily editable Customer Service Letter Templates! You can quickly compose a formal note by utilizing our high-quality products. These come downloadable in a varied number of file formats. Subscribe and download today--write a customer service letter containing an apology, application, or anything else!

How to Make a Customer Service Letter

A customer service letter is a type of document addresses queries or concerns of clients of a particular business or company as support. As Thoughtco, a leading site for online educational resources, puts it a letter talks about all kinds of personal or formal matters with who you send it to. And so, from healthcare to retail, writing a letter is sensible when having to communicate a point concerning customer service.

If you’re not familiar with how to write a customer service letter. No problem! Read through our tips below:

1. Size, Layout, Margin

If you need to create a letter for customer service, then it’s essential to set it up in a professional format. Once you’ve opened a new document in your preferred processing application, start by choosing a page size that’s appropriate for your region. Next, if it's not already, set it by default, pick the portrait option for the orientation layout. After that, ensure that the margins are all set to 1 inch in length.

2. Title, Date, Recipient

The first thing to write in your customer service letter is the title/main header. It should be relevant to the content, aligned to the center, and should have a large font size. Remember to input the current date of writing the letter, then align this to the left to maintain a formal/business format. After moving two spaces down, add the receiver’s name with their address, following just below.

3. Salutation, Introduction, Dialog

Are you ready to draft the main part of your document? To begin, write down a formal salutation; you can use “Dear Mr/Ms [FULL NAME],” as an appropriate go-to. Next, use the first line or paragraph to provide a brief mention of why you sent the letter. And now, you can proceed with writing the dialog that addresses your topic/concern about customer care service.

4. Closing, Valediction, Signature

Once you’re through with the customer service letter’s primary content, close it off with a final statement/remark--like a CTA (call-to-action) or a response request. And then, include a formal valediction; “Yours truly,” and “Regards,” are some good examples to use. Lastly, leave four empty lines before entering your full name, using those empty lines as space for your written signature or email signature.

After completing your customer service letter, it’s finally ready to be sent via email or envelope. Do you need easy-to-use customer service samples to write praise, recommendations, and more? Then consider downloading one of our Customer Service Letter Templates!

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