A daycare center is one of the best places where a child can grow physically and mentally. But sometimes, a center can terminate its relationship with the child and his/her parents for various reasons. If you have to do that as well, this site will help you. For that, send parents one of these ready-made Daycare Termination Letter Templates. These are professionally written and are 100% editable. These are printable, too. You can change some of its content to fit your needs. Download a template now! Also, subscribe to our subscription plans for more helpful and professional templates!

What Is a Daycare Termination Letter?

A daycare termination letter is a document from a daycare stating that it wants to end its relationship or association with a daycare student.

How to Write a Daycare Termination Letter?

According to a Yale Child Study Center research, schools are more likely to expel prekindergartens more than older children. Although some research agreed that expelling prekindergarten can cause damage to that child, a lot of daycare centers still do, like yours. And you can't blame your center because actually, there are various acceptable reasons why you need to terminate a child from school. So, if you need to terminate a child from your center, and need to write a termination letter, don't worry. The steps below are going to guide you.

1. Show Politeness

A child's termination from your daycare center is always distressing to his/her parents. Imagine the daycare provider who provides child care services expelling your child from the center, it's hard, right? So, to refrain from adding insult to injury and give your simple letter a polite tone.

2. Use Formal Language

Like writing a cover letter, a resignation letter, or an appeal letter, you need to use formal language. Formality can show respect to the parent of the child. It also shows that you are a professional daycare provider.

3. State the Reason

The parent has to know why you're expelling his/her child. Is it because of the child's behavior? Is it because the parent broke the daycare contract? Is it because the parent has not been consistent with his/her payment? You also have to take note that the reasons for the termination must be in line with your daycare termination policy.

4. Provide Instructions

You can skip this part if you don't have any final instructions for the parent. However, if you have, make sure that you include it in the formal letter to guide the parent. You can instruct the parent to settle the bills on a specific date or deadline.

5. Give a Positive Closing

Close your printable letter some positive note. You can express how thankful you are that they chose your daycare program or wish the child and the parent well.

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