What Is a Daycare Brochure?

A daycare brochure is a promotional strategy of daycare centers to allure more potential pupils. It is a marketing strategy done to persuade parents in considering their centers. This strategy usually applies to the targetted market and can mostly be found at schools handed out by the promo reps.

How to Make a Daycare Brochure?

Whenever you go to the nearest schools, you always see people handing out papers. Those papers are brochures or flyers that contain information about schools, tutorial centers, academies, after school programs, and daycare centers. It serves as an endorsement to promote their learning services. One of which is the daycare brochure. It contains all the necessary information of an early childhood education center. Here are the steps in making daycare brochures.

1. Plan the Content

Before anything else, it is essential to have a sample plan on what the brochure should be composed of. Think of the daycare center that you are promoting. You have to know what the daycare center is capable of and what benefits it can give to the clients. You also have to plan the decorative features of the brochure. Take time to think of designs that could pique more interest to the people. You also have to know your target audience. In this case, the parents are the targets, so consider what they might like to see in the brochure.

2. Choose Friendly Pictures

Daycare centers are a highly-impactful environment for kids. Looking from a parent's perspective, you would only want an environment that only has positive effects for your children. So, in using child-friendly or family-friendly photos, you can gain trust and a good impression from the parents. You might think that those are just pictures, but they do have a psychological effect on people.

3. Start the Layout

You can now start designing your brochure. Open your trusted brochure maker and begin with the layout. The most common type of brochure is tri-fold. A standard tri-fold brochure size is 8.5 in x 11 in. You can also use other formats, such as 8.5 in x 12 in, 11 in x 17 in and 11 in x 25.5 in. Decide what layout you would like to have in your brochure.

4. Start Designing

Start your brochure design. Put your plan into the paper. What you have to put in mind is how your audience is composed of parents and guardians. You have to know what persuades them trust you with their children. You are selling buying their trust, so you have to consider the massive obligation that brings. In connection to that, put child-friendly designs. You can use cartoons, cute patterns, pastel colors, and any other designs that speak kindergarten. That way, the parents, as well as the children, will be interested in checking out your daycare center.

5. Insert the Texts and Photos

It's time to put the necessary information and desire-generating content for the audience to read. Insert the name of the daycare center, the address, and the contact information. Next, include the vision and mission of the center and how it started with its goal. It is also very significant to put the safety plan measures of the center for assurance. The safety of the pupils is the most prioritized factor by the parents, so to gain trust, you have to hold responsibility and guarantee of their child's safety. Lastly, put the benefits. Put all the gains of the clients from the deal. You have to give them benefits to provide them more reasons to pick your daycare center. After the texts, insert the appropriate photos.

6. Save and Print!

It's time finalize the brochure. Review any errors and redundancy in the brochure. If done, save it in pdf form to prevent changes. Then, finally print it!

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