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  • Event planning is one of the growing types of jobs nowadays. It is because people tend to find someone who is capable of managing their events instead of doing it on their own. Whatever kinds of events, the event planner, is capable of doing organizing such things. In this case, there are already a lot of event planners emerging. That means that the competition is getting high. As an event planner, you must secure a client that is willing to give their trust to you. To achieve that, you must write an event proposal. Avoid stressing yourself in your proposal writing by taking advantage of our Event Proposal template available in Google Docs. What are you waiting for? Download now!

    How to Write an Event Proposal in Google Docs

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics has concluded that the event planning business will continue to grow by 11% in the next decade. This means that the demand for professional event planners will get higher compared to the past years. Before, you will be considered as a professional in event planning since it is the key for you to convince a client to choose you to organize for their event. That is why you must first know how to write an event proposal. Learn new tips with our list below:

    1. Start with an Executive Summary

    To make your clients believe that you are aware of the things they need, you must write a summary of their needs. Provide an overview of the client's demands and specifications by doing research about the event. You must be knowledgeable of the essential details and processes of any type of event like weddings, concerts, debut, fundraising, charity event, product launching, and any events. After the summary, you can also suggest a few tips about the event to assure them that you know the event very well.

    2. Share your Experience

    Any type of job requires and experience. Event planning is not an exemption. Sharing your past event planning experiences will convince the client that their event will be in good hands if they choose you. Share the details of your event planning process. If possible, you can include testimonials and reviews from your previous clients. Do not worry if you are still new in the event production industry since internships and educational attainment is counted as an experience.

    3. State the Budget

    Whether you are a non-profit or with a sponsorship type of event planner, budgeting is an important factor. For a better outline of the budget, list the services you can provide throughout the event process and pair it with the cost. After that, give the total cost of each service. You must emphasize that it is your proposal, so it means that it is still negotiable. 

    4. Set a Terms and Conditions

    In the last part of your event proposal, you must state the terms and conditions for the event planning process. Doing so will protect you and your client in case of a proposal dispute will occur. The terms and conditions must cover the payment method since it is the most important factor of the proposal. To be safe, you can incorporate state laws that are related to the event industry.

    5. Submit the Proposal

    The proposal letter can be presented through PowePoint, or it can be sent through email. It is all up to you or what will make the client comfortable. But, before presenting or submitting it, you must proofread the proposal to make sure that it is all grammatically written. Ensure that the layout of the proposal is professional and formal.