Planning Google Docs Templates

Do You Need Help Planning Your Tasks and Aligning Your Goals? Can Help You Create and Personalize Your Own Lesson Plans, Editorial Calendars, Social Media Action Plans, Weekly Meal Plans, Project Management Plans, and More! Simply Download a Free Planning Template in Google Docs for Quick and Easy Editing! See more

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  • The mind of a leader is a mind full of schemes and plans, of winning and of dreaming. Ideas are everywhere, but what is sad is when we don't know what to do with it. That is why we have planning templates in Google Docs to enable the hopeful and dreamers to reach for the stars. Our professionally written and beautifully designed plans templates are available in A4 & US Letter Sizes, making its user comfortable and adequate in utilizing it. Whether you are a person of project management, in the social media business, or of travel marketing, enable your dreams to have wings by downloading any of our ready-made and printable templates today. 

    How to Create a Planning Template in Google Docs

    Whether we like it or not, planning is vital as it increases our company, business, or personal efficiency. With a good plan at hand, your moves and decisions will be safer and organized. Science says 92 percent of people don't achieve their goals. This result was according to research done by the University of Scranton. They found out that approximately 92 percent of people that set New Year's goal list never actually achieve them. Although the result is staggering, we can also see that 8 percent of these individuals made the impossible possible.

    One of the ways that these people did was to make their goals specific and challenging. For example, your goal might be by August, you need to increase sales, but this is a BHAG or Big Hairy Audacious Goal which makes it vague. To make it specific, you can write, By August, a five percent increase in sales due to social media marketing and promotion flyer advertisement. You can also include the degree of action. Do you need to do an Instagram Ad every day or every week? How do these affect your sales overall? It would be best if you considered these things. This way is their method of doing it. Now, let's check the steps in creating your Planning Template in Google Docs.

    1. The Template's Purpose

    Your first step in creating your planning template is to know the purpose of your model. You should state the general overview of things in the early part. You can create action plansmarketing plans, or strategic plans. Everything revolves around your purpose.

    2. The Template's Deliverables

    After knowing the use of your templates, you can start adding deliverables. You should answer the question, "what does your template deliver?" If it is a marketing plan, you can try and specialize it into a digital marketing plan if you want to.

    3. The Time Constraints

    After writing out the template's deliverables, you can include time constraints cause there is no better plan than a time-bound one. So make the necessary tables or list to go with your template. You can create an annual sheet if your model is a yearly plan.

    4. The Team

    After the proper boundaries of your template, you can include the essential roles and team members that can help you achieve the goal. It would be best if you consisted of job descriptions to make it systematic. You would not appreciate it if your team doesn't have cohesiveness. Perfect unity in your program makes the job easier and efficient. You can't have everyone make the budget or deal with the logistics. It should be an equal exchange to make everyone happy and fulfilled. Having an organizational management chart is a must.

    5. The Template's Resources

    Lastly, you need to include additional resources to make your template complete. You can add the budget sheet, the monthly report, newsletter, and every planner that you need to make your planning template precise and straightforward.