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How To Make A Cleaning Flyer In MS Publisher

Introducing your commercial cleaning services business to the market is as challenging as creating an effective promotional scheme to lure potential clients and create a name for your company. You need to make a fitting marketing strategy and a sound advertisement plan to be able to reach your target market.

Listed below are steps that will guide you in making a promotional flyer that will help advertise your business and the services that you offer.

1. Introducing Your Business

Write a short but concise introductory statement about your company and the kind of professional services that you're offering. You can also attach a striking message or your company slogan or motto to create a lasting impression that will latch on the minds of your potential customers.

2. Identify Your Demographic

Figuring the right niche market where you will introduce your services is a bit stressful especially when you're still new to the industry. You need to conduct thorough market research and market survey to locate and identify the perfect demographic for your professional cleaning business.

3. Define The Extent Of Your Service

Provide your customers with a comprehensive copy of all your cleaning services, starting from the most basic housekeeping procedures to the most complex one like a full carpet cleaning service and indicate their updated prices. It is also advisable to include service promotions and cleaning discounts to get the attention of your target prospects and gain loyal customers.

4. Design A Fitting Promotional Flyer

When you're done with all the planning and preparation, start making the draft of your cleaning service flyer. Simply scroll over our website's library and look for a suitable commercial cleaning flyer template of your choice and download it using your smartphone or any mobile device. Incorporate your design theme and add high-quality visuals and/or vector images to enhance its presentation. Place all the necessary information about your business including your contact information, office address, email address, business logo, and the list of the services that you offer with their corresponding prices.

5. Finish The Job Using MS Publisher

Select a house cleaning flyer template from's library and start making the needed adjustments and modifications in the contents and the formatting of the document. With the help of MS Publisher's desktop publishing programs, incorporating your desired design theme and adding high-quality visuals to your flyers is as easy as a-b-c.

Unlike MS Word that focuses only on word processing, MS Publisher is made specifically for publishing and advertising which allows the users to optimize their work in terms of creating the perfect graphic design and applying quality typographic text and images to their documents.

6. Copyedit The Draft And Have It Printed

After wrapping up the contents of the final draft, take a few hours break before you proofread the whole document. Print a couple of brochure or flyer examples and send it to your friends or colleagues and have them review the presentation and the contents of the material. When everything is set and done, start printing your promotional ads using high-quality cardstocks and distribute it to your potential clients.

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