Holiday Ticket Templates

With Our Free Holiday Ticket Templates, You Can Create Tickets Perfect for Events Like Summer Vacations, Concerts, Surprise Birthday Parties, and Other Special Occasions. With These Editable Templates, You Can Make Your Templates Similar to Vouchers and Gift Cards. Download These Printable Templates Now from to Make Tickets Conveniently!See more

Holidays are one of the special days in a year that people traditionally celebrate with a feast, watching a movie, exchanging gifts, giving thanks, and play on amusement parks. It also the time of getting together with their loved ones. If you are handling an event on a holiday and having a problem on how to control the crowd, then it is better to make a ticket for it. It helps you to limit the crowd during the event. Here we provide you a 100% fully customizable Holiday Ticket Templates that you can download in any available file formats—Adobe Photoshop (.psd), Apple Pages (.pages), Microsoft Word (.docx), Microsoft Publisher (.pub), and Adobe Illustrator (.ai). Gain more profit now during the holidays and celebrate the cherished times of the year.

What is a Holiday Ticket?

A holiday ticket is a pass that lets individual access in such an event or passage during a holiday. It can be any form of the ticket such as an event, flight, or a raffle ticket that requires registration or reservation to gain access.

How to Make a Holiday Ticket

Holidays are the most populated days that the majority of people celebrate them in their hometown together with their loved ones. And that is why lots of people line up for the reservations for a dinner table and some book a flight on their way home. Among all holidays, Christmas is the most celebrated annually when people giving gifts, caroling on the streets, lighting up the trees, and preparing various meals. According to Statista, $22,811M has segment amounted in 2020 for the event tickets revenue in the United States. Make your customized holiday ticket now. If you are having a hard time making one, then here is a step-by-step guide and tips to help you with it.

1. Gather Information

Determine the purpose of your ticket whether it is an entry to a theme park, a movie ticket, a travel ticket, or a raffle ticket. With your event calendar, you should prepare the designs and ideas for every holiday in a year. It will help you to decide what template design to choose. Think of a special offer too of what you will need to boost your sales such as giving holiday vouchers that can surely help to promote your establishment. 

2. Choose a Template

Rather than starting from scratch, it is better to start from an editable template instead. It will help you to save some time. On our site, choose one best template design which you can also customize with ease. You can download it in any available file formats. 

3. Edit and Add

After you downloaded a printable template, you may now proceed to open an editing software application and start editing the designs. You can opt to add some holiday-related designs that buyers can feel the spirit of the holiday. Adjust the tone of the color according to what suits your needs.

4. Insert Content

After designing the sample template, you should add the content by inserting the details such as the purpose of the ticket, the date and time, location, and the contact details. Add some catchy headline to gain more customers and gain more profit. If it is a plane ticket, it is essential to include the destination and the name of the passenger. Insert bar codes or QR codes to provide easy access to the information through gadgets like smartphones. 

5. Promote and Advertise

After everything is done, you are now ready to sell them but make sure to check if there are no mistakes made. Promote your establishment by advertising it using flyers, brochures or posters that can help you spread the information to the people.