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What Is a Holiday Menu?

A holiday menu (also known as holiday dinner menu) is an art paper document (menu card) showcasing the special dishes of a restaurant, cafe, or catering service in celebration of a certain special holiday. A holiday menu is another way for a food and beverage (F&B) establishment to promote themselves by showing that they're celebrating a holiday together with the community. F&B establishments celebrate all kinds of holidays with the community. Among those that are common are Christmas, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, and many more. Some F&B establishments even conduct their very own dinner party or holiday party when such occasions are fast approaching.

How to Create a Holiday Menu

holiday menu template

Creating a holiday menu is not as easy as one might expect, but that doesn't mean it isn't achievable, especially if you know some tips on how to do it right. For that reason, we have gathered a few tips on how to create the perfect holiday menu.

1. Do Extensive Research

You don't just thrust any mouthwatering dish on your holiday menu. There are dishes that fit well with the occasion and there are those that just won't. For instance, during Thanksgiving celebrations, the dish that's the center of attraction is the turkey. You can research for suitable holiday menu ideas in the vastness of cookbooks and the internet.

2. Capture the Demand

Think about what sort of dishes people are looking for on a certain holiday. If you've researched and took note of them, then consider adding them to your holiday menu. People are very particular when it comes to any restaurant menu during the holidays. If you're not serving what they're expecting, then they might opt to dine in other F&B establishments. And thus, you lose customers.

3. Make Unique Twists to Familiar Dishes

Having a unique twist to something familiar is always a win for any kind of business. This kind of practice is very competitive in the food and beverage industry. Adding something new to a dish that's considered a classic for some people contributes to their overall experience. Why? It's because it's in the nature of people to look for something unique out of something that they've experienced a lot of times already, especially on their favorite food.

4. Avoid Overdoing It

Including too many dishes on your holiday menu may sound like a good idea, but it's certainly not. Having too many dishes on your holiday menu isn't practical. Keep in mind that holidays usually lasts for a single day only (except for Christmas). It's mathematically impossible for all of those dishes to be sold in a day. Having at least seven or eight dishes on a holiday menu is the ideal approach of F&B establishments.

5. Use Reliable Holiday Menu Templates

For your holiday menu card, it's highly advisable to use high-quality holiday menu templates rather than hiring a designer to do it for you. We have a bunch of those here in Using templates is practical because they're way much cheaper, and they allow you to create an elegant menu in no time.

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