Holiday Sale Instagram Story Templates

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It's another holiday once again! The perfect time to show off your store's most valuable holiday deals on Instagram. Sharing your holiday sale on this platform can reach thousands of potential customers. Your follower number can also increase. Sharing does a lot of magic to your brand. So, explore our collection of ready-made Holiday Sale Instagram Story Templates! Each template has beautiful graphics that match a holiday. You can easily edit a template's text, picture, and other relevant content anytime. What are you waiting for? Download a template and showcase your holiday sale on your story for more revenue!

What Is a Holiday Sale Instagram Story?

An Instagram holiday sale story is a marketing ad to inform people about a holiday sale. According to Instagram's report, 50% of its business users use Instagram Story.

How to Create a Holiday Sale Instagram Story 

Create the best holiday sale story as your Instagram ad with these tips.

1. Use Holiday Designs

Holidays are a great time for discounted products. It's also a time to make people feel the holiday vibes.

When designing your story ad on a specific holiday, incorporate the holiday's theme to it. You can use snow, gifts, or wreaths for winter holidays like Christmas as your designs.

2. Present Your Deal

The highlight of your promotion Instagram story is your offers. People like sales and discounts so much that they would spend on products or services with great deals. 

So when you make your layout, make sure that it's the star of your story. It's a good marketing social media strategy to highlight your offer. The NPD's Holiday Purchase Intentions Survey in 2017 found out that online shoppers are 70% more likely to spend than those who shop in stores.

3. Use Minimal Text

Don't pour too many texts on your social media Instagram story because it's a deal-breaker. A story only stays on the screen for a few seconds, and that means people won't read all the words on it. To steer away from that, make sure that you only write the vital details like until when the promo lasts, call to action, and your store's contact info.

4. Make It Aesthetically Beautiful

When people view social media stories, they will keep on clicking or swiping until they find something interesting. If you want them to stop at your story, then lure them through visuals. Beautiful and well-designed stories are useful to catch attention. 


  • Why do items go on sale?

      You might be wondering why most stores have sales—selling products for lower prices. The answer is that items go on sale because stores want to clear or reduce their inventories. Another reason is that they want you to buy from their store. Usually, people wouldn't want to buy products at higher prices, so stores lure people into purchasing during a sale.

  • How long does it take for clothes to go on sale?

      Different kinds of clothes are on sale in different seasons. For instance, swimwears have lower prices in August or September. In October, you can purchase discounted jeans. Additionally, you can buy sneakers at lesser prices during April or November.

  • What is the end of season sale?

      End of season sale means that stores sell their products at a much lower price during the end of any season. Usually, the discounted items are the ones that didn't sell before the end of the season.

  • What is a sale item?

      A sale item is any product or good that stores sell at a reduced price.

  • Can people like your Instagram story?

      You can't "like" an Instagram story because Instagram doesn't have that as a feature.