Gift certificates are not only a great way to show your appreciation for your patrons but they are also an effective way to establish your brand and create great brand awareness. Our Holiday Gift Certificate Templates are high-quality templates that you can use for your salon, spa, massage place, restaurant, and other businesses. These are all easily editable, printable, and accessible which guarantees you can create special and personalized gift certificates for your customers. Don't settle for mediocre gift certificates; avail of our subscription plans and download our templates in Microsoft Word (.docx), Adobe Photoshop (.psd), Microsoft Publisher (.pub), Apple Pages (.pages) file formats now!

What Is a Holiday Gift Certificate?

Just like any other gift certificates, holiday gift certificates are cards or paper certificates that you can use to purchase certain products and/or services. These are prepaid cards, which means each certificate holds a certain value equivalent to certain items. The only difference between a basic gift certificate and a holiday gift certificate is the time when they are issued; they can be specifically made for Christmas, Mother's or Father's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and any given holiday. Holiday Gift Certificates are sometimes limited to a certain time, which means the certificates can no longer be used after the holiday it was issued on.

How to Create a Holiday Gift Certificate?

holiday gift certificate template

Although we have a wide selection of gift certificate templates that you can use for any holiday, knowing how to create on your own can help make sure you can achieve an aesthetically pleasing and comprehensive finish. Thus, we have provided a short and easy guide that you can follow on how to create your own holiday gift certificate:

1. Determine Your Preferred Layout and Format

Your gift certificate can come in different shapes and sizes depending on your preference. Before you begin to provide the details of the sample certificate, you need to determine what shape, size, layout, and format you prefer to ensure you can incorporate your design elements and texts flawlessly. When choosing the layout, it is essential that you consider the shape and format you will use. You need to make sure how you arrange the elements in your gift certificate makes it easily comprehensible to your customers.

2. Choose Your Designs

Since the gift certificate will be made specifically for certain holidays, it is best to use design elements that directly relate to the holiday. For example, when you create a Christmas voucher or gift certificate, it is apparent that you include a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, and the reindeers, a snowman, snowflakes, and other relevant designs in your layout. Doing this ensures you can achieve a coherent creative flow for your outputs.

3. Incorporate Your Branding Image

Since gift holiday certificates are also effective materials to promote your brand and establish brand awareness, it is important that you incorporate your branding image in your layout. You should include your official business logo, your business name, use your brand colors and font styles, and use your brand's overall aesthetics. But you need to find a way to seamlessly do this to avoid a messy and incoherent flow of elements.

4. Provide All The Essential Information

Aside from the title that states the card is, in fact, a gift certificate, you should also provide the exact amount the certificate is worth. You can also provide the name of the person that can use the printable voucher or certificate along with the rules and policies that apply to its usage. If needed, you can utilize the back portion of the certificate to clearly provide the details of the promo to eradicate any confusion. Most importantly, you should provide the expiration date of the certificate.

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