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How to Make a School ID Card in Microsoft Word

The main purpose of an ID card specifically for schools is to identify students and staff, as well as allow them access to certain facilities in accordance with their authorization. you need to design a school's ID card with the use of Microsoft Word, then you're in luck. Below, we've got a list of instructions that will help you in detail how you can create an impressive and trendy ID card design in Word.

1. Obtain a file containing the school's official logo

The first thing that you can do when creating a school ID card's design is to get a soft copy of the school or university's official logo or emblem. This is very important since the identification cards that you're creating actually represent an institution, and the logo is the quickest way to recognize something. If you've been hired by a school to design their IDs, you might as well ask for their other details such as their contact numbers and street address.

2. Secure a list or an official record of the student and staff members

Another thing that you will need to secure when creating ID cards is a record containing list of the school's population. This list should include teachers and students from all levels such as kindergarten, elementary, and high school. This will serve as your reference as to whose names and what department will be indicated on the ID, and also provide you with an estimation regarding the number of ID cards to be printed.

3. Gather relevant elements

While most basic school ID cards only contain a photo of the owner, their name, designation, and an emergency contact at the back, you can also do more to make it look creative. Before you start designing the school ID, gather all the elements that you think may add to its level of appeal. These elements may be photos that are valid and relevant or text that is generated by third-party applications.

4. Create an initial layout of the ID card

We recommend that you don't jump right into designing the school ID card without actually planning what to do with it. In other words, it is best that you create an initial layout or format of your ID card and use this as your reference in the later steps. You can do this by either creating a rough sketch of the layout or by simply writing down notes to describe the ID card's design.

5. Start creating the school ID card's design using Word

Once you've created a rough version of the design, you can proceed to create the final one using Microsoft Word. Although this application focuses more on text processing, you can still create designs with it easily by dragging and dropping elements. When saving your work, do so in a file format that's easily shareable and printable such as PDF. This will work great if you're planning to get your IDs printed by professionals.

6. Evaluate and print the ID cards

Before you start printing your ID cards, always make it a point to evaluate and have someone else evaluate the finished design. Some designers would do this differently, they would create multiple ID card designs and conduct a survey by having people choose a particular design that they like. Regardless of which is more convenient for you, after finalizing your school ID card design, you can start getting them printed.

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