How to Create School Report Cards in Microsoft Word

The term “report card” is a document containing a systematic list of grades. It is generally used for evaluation in school and many states like the United States. The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), for example, uses report cards online to help the students, teachers, principals, and parents to participate in the said national evaluation on improving the nation’s educational system. In this way, it effectively provides the government to develop as much as it gives the students the freedom to help them notify about the current state of education.

Hence, a good report card communicates a student’s performance as well as legislator’s stances in most political advocacy groups. The traditional report card records the work and behavior of a particular student. While a few schools conform to this kind of report card, others limit it to grades only especially with the use of automated report cards.

In sales, business reports are documents used to assess the performance of the company on a monthly or yearly basis. The annual assessment will help the company improve and develop the weakness and maximize the identified strength.

If you’re planning to draft a school report card today, we’ll provide you a few tips on how to easily create school report cards using from a sample of our ready-made school report card templates in Microsoft Word.

1. Determine the Level

The list of templates is a compilation of school report card templates for all levels. The first thing to keep in mind is to identify the level of school to which the templates might serve its purpose. There are report card templates for middle school, for high school, for preschool, for kindergarten, and elementary school. Choose the ones that you need for your school or organization.

2. Download and Personalize the Template/s

Each report template is easily editable in all versions of Microsoft Word on your personal computer. On top of that, it is also downloadable for free. Grab that opportunity and produce personalized school report cards as many as you need.

3. Input Information

Although the templates come with premade content and images, they are also easy to edit so you can change or keep the original information. If you wish to change the details to more appropriate ones for daily, weekly or monthly reports, you may do so.

4. Keep it Concise and Accurate

School report cards usually don’t have to be wordy whatsoever. They contain the details, mostly numbers, that are written briefly and accurately. It doesn’t have enough space for the other information, unlike letters, invitations, or management reports for the company. Another important thing is you have to keep the details accurate since it evaluates the performance of a person, a student, or a company.

5. Provide Necessary Remarks

Some school report cards, like status reports, usually come with spaces for remarks or short comments. You may provide it if given. Otherwise, you may opt just to limit it to the grading scale.

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