We know that planning your daily tasks every day might be exhausting, especially if you are a teacher. That is why we want to make it easier for you to do the planning by using our Ready-Made School Planner Template in Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and Google Docs. We offer a variety of school planner templates that would help teachers or even students to manage their time correctly and do their task without making a lot of fuzz. These templates have original contents, artworks, and fonts on it that you can easily edit or leave as is. Our templates are also customizable and downloadable in all file formats. Download our available A4 and US letter sizes planner now, and make your daily routine more organized!

How To Make a School Planner in Word

Come to think of it, what is the importance of planning your daily and weekly routine? For us, especially for teachers, a planner is a must-have for them to organize the things that they have to do for their work at school. Professionals do have a planner to stay on track of their everyday tasks. A planner becomes an essential tool in most of us because it will lessen your workload and, at the same time, you can adequately manage your time. High school students and college students use a planner so that they can easily access their academic calendars and manage their time, homework, and school work. That is why for us to help you in making a planner, we list some guide tips that would be helpful references for planning your task accordingly.

1. Choose a Planner Template

You must choose a planner template if you want to plan something. A planner template would greatly help you minimize the time that you would consume in planning your everyday tasks. You can also choose your planner templates here at our site and pick from our wide variety of templates for your daily schedule. Or you can opt to make your planner from scratch and customize it however you want.

2. List your Everday Task

After choosing your template, you need to list your everyday tasks. Listing your daily duties would help you minimize wasting a couple of your time and, at the same time, it will help you create a more organized planner. Your list will be your basis on how you will arrange the task that you have for the day or week or even for the month.

3. Draft an Outline

If you are done listing the responsibilities that you want to include in your planner, then you can start making a draft and outline everything onto the Microsoft Word file format. Your outline should consist of the dates for every task that you have for the day, week, and month. Make sure that you have categorized everything accordingly and set the goals that you have to achieve for the day, week, and month.

4. Note It Down

After outlining, make a note on how you will reach the goal that you have set for your everyday tasks. Your notes should include a brief statement that would be of reference to your goal. Your notes will help you see the previous works that you have done, and it becomes your future reference, especially for teachers.

5. Save Your Template

If you are done with everything, save the template that you are working on in Microsoft Office Word. After saving the files from your desktop computers, you can now print our Printable Planner Template. After printing it, you can now start generating copies and start working on the tasks that you have put on your planner.

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