As a school, you want your complimentary gifts and handouts to be sensible. Though, you don’t want them to be dull, either. So, why not include a nice desktop calendar in your package! Calendars are obviously useful for checking dates and whatnot, but they also make for nice subtle decorations for both home and office. And so, we’d like to help you design a unique calendar for your campus with our Ready-Made School Desk Calendar Templates! Show off a lovely picture of your institute with our printable, 100% customizable designs; plus, you can choose between A4 or US letter sizes from our collection. So, download our easily editable samples and spread academic pride with custom calendars!

How to Create a School Desk Calendar in Word

Calendars are pretty useful to have; they help remind us of holidays, keep up with friends’ birthdays, plan out our weekends, etc. But, besides their convenient utility, they also do fairly well in decorative purposes. With a wall-mounted calendar, you can bring a little more life to a boring office wall or complement your bedroom’s theme, while giving you an instant way of checking what the current date is. And, a desk calendar can be placed on that last bit of empty space on your shelf or end table.

The importance of calendars often gets overlooked. As said in a page from, a calendar is mainly used to observe various timespans by arranging them into an organized system. Not only do we need the Gregorian calendar as our international system for organizing the year, but there are other types that differ in purpose from region to region.

As a gift from your school to your students or staff, your calendar should show off your academic pride with class and style. That’s why we’ve prepared a handsome selection of Ready-Made School Desk Calendar Templates that can live up to any aesthetic standard! And, to help you get started, we have several tips down below that show how to edit our templates in Microsoft Word.

1. Download a Calendar That Suits Your Campus

Don’t have any experience using graphic templates? Not familiar with art or design programs? Those won’t be much to worry about with our easy-to-use calendar templates! Each sample is meant to be beginner-friendly, so anyone can pick them up in no time! Plus, we’ve got plenty of diverse visual designs up for offer; some of them even contain small sections on each page for putting in notes or reminders.

2. Customize Your Calendar Template in Microsoft Word

As an educational institute, you likely have MS Word already installed on your school computers. Well, while Word is a great document processor, it’s also good for editing our templates. Convenient!

With the chosen calendar design downloaded and waiting, it’s time to see what you can do with it in Word. Though, if you’d like to save time or can’t come up with ideas to customize it, then you’re free to simply edit the placeholder text and input information about your campus (like the school’s name, the school motto, etc).

Always remember to go over your work before finalizing it. And, after that’s done, you can now save it and get it ready for production.

3. Include Other Gifts in Your Package

While giving a custom calendar is a thoughtful gesture, adding other gifts in your package would be even more thoughtful.

Both students and teachers need to stay organized, so help them out by handing them some complimentary planners. These are pretty useful for arranging schedules daily, weekly, or monthly.

Education means doing a bit of reading, so give out some bookmarks too.

4. Ready to Give Away

After your calendars have been produced, they can finally be added to your gift packages. Easily make a smart gift with our Ready-Made School Desk Calendar Templates!

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