Schools host a lot of events throughout the year, some as part of the curriculum or requirements for subject completion, while others are for fundraisers. As management and marketing and sales strategy for these events, schools use admission tickets that highlight the name of the school, affair/purpose, and ticket price/worth. If you are responsible for creating the ticket, we have a vast collection of creative School Ticket Templates that you can download and use. These templates are easily customizable in Microsoft Word and are complete with royalty-free artworks and illustrations. These printable templates are also perfect for classroom reward, raffle, and any other purposes. Get this today!

How to Design a School Ticket in Microsoft Word

According to a post in The Old Vic Theatre blog, tickets were primarily used in Ancient Greece for events in theaters. In the present, tickets still function for the same purpose. Although there have been different types of tickets used for various reasons, the point remains that it contains specific details relevant to its purpose.

If you're looking for some tips in creating school tickets in Microsoft Word, read on below.

1. Let Your Design Represent the Event or Purpose

The design of your ticket should encompass the essence of the school-related event or its specific purpose. Hence, the importance of choosing design elements and layout that best suits the mood or vibe of the activity or purpose. For example, prom tickets should have elegant and theme-fitting design elements with intricate typography to make it more event appropriate.

2. Keep Colors in Mind

Colors can help evoke various emotions towards your event or purpose. You should always keep in mind the colors that you use when designing your school tickets, and make sure it fits your event or the mood that you're going for. A good tip is to learn color mixing and color psychology to ensure you achieve a creative visual and elicit the response you want through your ticket colors.

3. Promote the Brand

Schools also have brands that need proper marketing. Aside from the event information, the tickets should highlight the branding elements of the school. You can incorporate the school name and logo in the overall design; if possible or in-theme, you should also use the school colors.

4. Keep It Sleek and Simple

The main goal of your ticket is to provide all the details relevant to the event or purpose. Think of it like making an invitation wherein you have to put in the date, time, and venue of the event. Although the design is essential, it must not forego the necessary information about the event.

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