Schools often have different sets of agendas. From creating plans to making vital decisions, all of these serve as imperative aspects that define the future of the whole student body and administration. Along with the discussions is a document that protects the legal rights of the entire institution and to track necessary actions. From here, you will need to detail down the essential ideas of a meeting. Our Ready-Made and High-Quality School Meeting Minutes Templates in Word will function as your guide. Download a template in A4 and US Letter sizes. Now, you will have the benefit of securing a document. Get a template today! 

How to Create a School Meeting Minutes in Microsoft Word

Data released by ChildTrends shows that 79% of parents attend school meetings regularly. Indeed, schools never ran out of agendas to discuss. It could tackle about school improvement, project status, and committee appointments. But it’s not much of a surprise that protecting the rights of the attendees and school council demands a written document. Taking down notes not only represents professionalism. But instead, it also serves as a tracking record to align tasks with actions.

But keep in mind that meeting minutes follow a particular format. Most notably, for academic purposes, following an in order and a detailed record is imperative as this goes to the school council and higher administrations. So, if you are a secretary advised to prepare an official minute, we help you with the list of tips below to create a School Meeting Minutes in Microsoft Word.

1. Have a Preparation Beforehand

Taking down formal minutes demands nothing but preparation. Perhaps, that’s the good thing about it. So, prepare your draft. Here, you have to know the school’s policy. If your school follows a specific format, ask about it beforehand. It could follow different rules of orders, so you will never know unless you raise your concern. Apart from that, list all the agendas to be discussed. By now, are your notes ready to proceed to the next step?

2. Construct an Easy to Understand Template

As a minute taker, it’s not so shocking to multitask during the meeting. It’s always the process. You have to jot down as much information as needed while listening. To achieve this, cue yourself on what to expect. Keep it uncomplicated by getting a template ready. Establish a document that is well-organized by browsing through our Ready-Made School Meeting Minutes Templates. It’s preferable to use a template that will be enough for the official meeting agendas. So, have you made the right option?

3. Keep It Simple and Professional

Now, you have an appropriate layout to work on. But before anything else, construct the adjustment. Then, keep it simple. But leave enough space. Include the meeting summary information; the school’s name, date and time, venue, and meeting type, together with a short objective of the discussion if necessary. For a meeting report reference, have a space for the list of attendees. In this way, it’s easier to track who attended the meeting. Now, of course, keep it professional at all costs. Maintain its validity by also assigning a section for the minute taker’s signature.

4. Lay the Agenda Summary

Get the job done by jotting down the agenda summary. After all, this is the purpose of making annual meeting minutes. Here, place the summary of the discussion. Take note that it doesn’t need to be lengthy. A summary would mean short but coherent. Separate a record of the actions, rules, and objections, if there is any. The references mentioned during the discussion are also essential to take note of.

5. Finalize and Submit It

For the final step, it’s better to do the necessary rechecking before submitting your document. Check if the essential points are marked. But most especially, assess its readability. The administrations should understand it well. Once done, get enough sample meeting minutes by printing them. Secure to keep a record digitally.

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