Academic institutions always ensure to organize talks, seminars, and different entertainment programs. Dance, get-togethers, and play performances, all of these allow students to participate. But an event is not always complete without the presence of the guests. But don’t fret. We have selections of Ready-Made and Beautifully Designed School Invitation Templates in Microsoft Word that you can download to let your guests take part in the activity. Download your choice and get it in sizes available in 4X6 Inches or 5x7 Inches + Bleed. Now, craft your content conveniently. Send some cards to inform parents and special guests to get involved in a particular activity. Download our template today!

How to Create a School Invitation in Microsoft Word

Part of the process of enhancing the confidence and camaraderie of every student is through school programs. Farewell party, opening ceremony, get together, or open house, students get to showcase their talents. But it’s not always as unique as it is without having the parents around. Perhaps, according to the 2016 analysis released by, 79% of parents show support to their children by securing to attend different school-related programs. This suggests that attending these annual programs is a tradition to never miss out on.

Whether for a sports day or a play, invite all mothers, fathers, and important individuals to come over. Send them a formal card. Achieve this by reading through the following tips on how to create a School Invitation in Microsoft Word.

1. Collect the Infomation

Starting with the most basic, collect the information needed. But gathering the details will depend on what type of school card you are creating. With that said, know first whether it’s for a summer camp or a dinner party, maybe. Eventually, you’ll have to determine the purpose of making one. This helps you craft the details and designs according to the type of event.

2. Develop a Visual Style

School invitation cards should follow consistency in format and design elements. However, this still varies. If you are creating a formal invitation, such as a graduation card, make it minimal and conventional. But for fun activities, create a more stylistic or fancy approach. Pull this off by deciding on a card theme. Aim for something that will excite the guests. In this way, getting support would be easier.

3. Design the Layout

Now, begin with the layout design. But avoid rushing. So, have the time to decide how the layout should look. You can start by developing an invitation using Microsoft Word. Using its editing tools, arrange the elements you will use. This includes graphical images and symbols. Position them accordingly. Ensure that you have enough space where you can detail down the content.
If the process is taking so much time, then browse for a pre-made template instead. Our website will help you choose what’s appropriate for your purpose. Again, you can polish the changes using the Microsoft Word software.

4. Craft a Formal Content

Complete the step by crafting an enticing message for your guests. Invite them to attend the school’s program by informing them. Here, you will have to jot down the details. Always include the basics, such as the event title, program details, RSVP contact number, venue, date, and time. Go for a piece of short information. A straightforward event invitation need not have a lengthy description. But if you wish to add inviting messages, feel free to do so.

5. Polish and Send Them Off

Go back to the designs and content. Make sure to avoid printing sample invitations without reviewing them prior. Assess the neatness and completeness. Have some of the school administration look at some samples. Wait for the approval. Once done, it’s time to print the card in a thick and clean paper in the right size. Secure the card with an envelope, and send them over!

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