Whether your brand revolves around food, fashion, or furniture, you can take advantage of a lookbook to show off your collection. And so, let us help compose your material with our professional Lookbook Templates. By incorporating our easily editable content, you can quickly set up a creative and functional catalog without trouble. What’s more, our samples are 100% customizable in Adobe InDesign, giving you a diverse set of tools to work with. Don’t delay—download now to design lookbooks about casual streetwear, summer treats, and more!

How to Make a Lookbook in Adobe InDesign

From minimalist furniture to casual beach clothing, there are various collections that lookbooks can accommodate. According to an article from Medium (an information resource), a lookbook flaunts offers by presenting their functions or purpose through interesting photography styles.

When it comes to editing platforms with high customizability, Adobe InDesign is always a great pick. If you’re new to this application, consider reading our tips below.

1. Begin with Your Lookbook’s Size

Start creating your lookbook by focusing on the size and layout first. Set up your lookbook’s measurements when creating a new document.

After selecting Create New, you can choose from one of the preset document sizes or create a custom size using the options on the right. Activate the Facing Pages option when creating a lookbook (or other materials with multiple pages).

2. Prepare Frames for Your Lookbook’s Content

In InDesign, set up frames when creating content for your lookbook project. Select the Rectangle tool from the Tool panel (left) and then click-drag across the desired area to place a frame. Click-hold the Rectangle tool to access other shapes.

Select frames and other objects with the Select tool in the Tool panel. Click-drag a frame’s handles to resize and reshape. To finetune objects, use the options in the right panel.

3. Add Your Photos and Other Graphical Elements

To add photos, select a frame before going to File > Place. Locate your file and then confirm to add the photo into the frame.

With frames, you can make simple yet creative vector-style graphics. Start by selecting a frame and then using the Fill option (right panel) for your color. Use the frame’s handles and the right panel to customize.

4. Create Your Lookbook’s Text

For your lookbook’s text, choose the Text tool before click-dragging across an area. Double-click the text frame to type and use the handles for resizing. Use the right panel to make adjustments.

You now have a basic understanding of making lookbooks using InDesign. Remember to experiment with different features to improve your design process!

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