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What Is an Action Plan?

An action plan functions similarly to a lesson plan, which is a detailed business document that outlines the actions needed to reach a set of goals and objectives. It sequences a series of procedures that must be taken for a strategy to succeed. An action plan does not limit itself to merely for marketing and sales purposes. This document has other purposes as well, such as the following: meal plan, floor plan, healthcare plan, event communication plan, performance improvement plan, corrective action plan, financial pricing plan, and so much more. According to, an action plan may be "revised and reviewed annually" to update the status of the plan's progress.

How to Create Action Plans in Google Docs


The first thing one must do when creating an action plan document is to identify and set a goal. Setting a goal will help you and your business know what to aim for. Goals are like dreams and wishes that are waiting to be answered. If one works hard enough, these goals will be reached. However, bear in mind that your goals must align with the SMART format (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-bound). This format helps you articulate and visualize your goal. The clearer the goal is in your mind, the easier it is to grasp.

2. List Individual Tasks by Priority

When plotting the actions and tasks that need to be done, arrange these tasks by order of priority. Arranging and organizing will help you make the process an easy-to-digest presentation. You can't properly swallow food if you don't chew it properly. You will not know how to go about the action plan without breaking it down into smaller sections. You will know which task to prioritize first, monitor further, and give more time to. The sample plan will go smoothly and orderly because of this idea.

3. Challenges and Obstacles

With every work, study, or training goal, obstacles are sure to get birthed and cause trouble or put a plan to a momentary stop. Creating an action or sales plan entails you to already foresee incoming challenges and obstacles. You must know how to solve or provide solutions for these incoming problems so you can prevent them before they will happen. An obstacle is like a wildfire. The best way to stop it is to prevent it from ever happening.

4. Outside Help

It might be your first time creating an action plan and it might even be overwhelming. Do ask help from your friends and family. If you want to be so sure with your output, ask help from people who have a background in business marketing to help you out. Ask their opinions and their action plan creation process. What other areas in business must you be mindful about? What strategies will help my business? Don't be afraid to ask. Curiosity will help you learn more than keeping your thoughts and questions to yourself.

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