Selling products will require you to document what was sold, as well as providing the buyer with a document that proves his/her purchase. With our professionally made cash receipt templates, you'll be able to do both with ease. We offer a wide selection for you to choose from and they're easily editable for your convenience. Know that they all come in PDF format and that you may use programs such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel to customize them to your liking. If you're still looking for more high-quality templates, then you can access all that we have to offer by simply signing up for any of our affordable subscription plans! Do it now and enjoy the benefits sooner rather than later! 

What Is a Cash Receipt

A cash receipt is what a seller hands over to a buyer for any product purchased. It's meant to provide transaction details such as the amount of money that was paid and the buyer's complete name. Businesses also keep copies of whatever receipt they issue so that they can potentially handle any problems or concerns regarding a transaction with a particular customer when needed.

How to Make Cash Receipts in PDF

1. Use a Program That Creates PDF Files

You won't be able to make any type of document in the PDF format if you don't use the right program. Although you can always utilize commonly used ones such as Microsoft Word or Apple Pages, know that there are other alternatives that you can go for. There are some which are free for you to download and install but know that those that require payment usually have additional tools and features.

2. Know What Type You Have to Make

Although you may already know how to complete a cash receipt with information, you'll still need to know what type you have to make. Doing so can help you figure out what format it should have or even what template you can use to make it. So do you need to make one for the money received for a mortgage payment? Is it for tenants who have made their monthly rent payments? Or perhaps it's for a personal transaction between you and a family member? Figure this out before moving on to the next step.

3. Use a Template

Remember that you can always use a cash receipt template to speed up the creation process. These usually contain information that you can simply edit until it displays what you want it to. You can find these templates online or you can download the ones available right here on our site. If you already have it, then simply start the PDF program that you've installed and then use it to open the template.

4. Make Sure It Points Out Who It's For and Who It's From

It should be obvious that a receipt will require information on both the buyer and the seller. Although there are ones that are so simple that they only require the names of both, there are others that will need even more information. This would include things like contact details or even the addresses of both parties. Know that you can always check out samples of cash receipts and use them as references when making your own.

5. Provide Details on the Transaction

Start by providing full descriptions of the product or products that have been purchased. Then you will need to provide details such as the quantity in which they were purchased and their individual unit prices. You must then provide information regarding the payment. Start by calculating the total amount that has to be paid. Be sure to include taxes and discounts to your calculations if there are any. Then point out the amount of money provided by the buyer. If there's any remaining balance then place it in the receipt. Lastly, make sure that it states the method of payment as well as the date in which the receipt is issued.

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