How to Create a Commercial Invoice in Adobe PDF?

The current US economy of the year 2019 is doing well. Leading Economic Indicators that economists and financial consultants use gave this excellent result. One of the critical indicators is the Inflation Rate, and the current year-over-year core inflation was at 2.0%. This number is the target of the Federal Reserves because it not only sets the economy's growth. It also decides the financial implications of the day-to-day mindset for average people when it comes to buying now or later.

One of the things that we do, when we are buying & selling is that we make use of records, either digital or physical. We have receipts, inventories, and of course, our topic, invoices. According to, the average American spends $101 in a day. Imagine how many invoices are you using for it when you have a small business? That's a lot. Today we are going to learn how to make our commercial invoice with these steps below.

1. Download A Commercial Invoice Template

If you want to make the process fast and efficient, it pays to download any commercial or business invoice template that is available online. Make sure to use something that is professionally written and beautifully designed templates like what we have in Free models are available all over the website. If ever you want to download any of our pro templates, you can be sure that you are buying the best. You can start opening and editing in Adobe PDF Reader once your models are available.

2. Add Buyer and Seller Information

Securing complete information when it comes to the buyer and the seller of the transaction is a must. You need to include them inside the invoice. In this way, the purchase becomes binding and legal. A detailed invoice also has a way more worth than an incomplete one, especially on transactions that involve a whole lot of money.

3. Complete the Shipment Details

The next one is the shipment details, the delivery, in other words. You need to have complete information about the shipment. If it is inadequate, the persons who are doing the bookkeeping might find something wrong and brings more hassle on the transaction instead of having a swift purchase.

4. Itemize the Transaction

After all the necessary details, it is now time to include the purchased product or the service rendered. Be sure to have them itemized so that accounting them would be easy. It not only allows the opposite party to see the balance and the amounts payable, but they would also see everything and why the invoice shows the specific number. Make sure that the words and numbers are clear to avoid confusion in fulfilling their part of the trade. A proper itemization also helps the purchasing company with its financial statements.

5. Attach Necessary Documents

Lastly, remember to include documents that affirm the invoice. This method is maybe through a signature of the previous request letter of purchase, or receipts that show the process in creating the product. After finishing all the steps, you can print the page, save the file, and send it through snail-mail. If you are using a digital copy, be sure to send a .jpg or .pdf file format.

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