Sales Roadmap Templates

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For a startup business to grow, they will need to get people to recognize their existence as well as the products and services they’re offering. While this is referred to as marketing, the business needs to convince clients to avail of their products and services. Now, this is called sales. Here, we have Sales Roadmap Templates to help you turn your sales plans into a more understandable and engaging diagram. You have nothing to worry about since these high-quality templates already have easily editable elements to get you started. Save yourself time by subscribing to our roadmap templates!

What Is a Sales Roadmap?

A sales roadmap is a linear diagram that illustrates a company’s strategic plan in order to achieve its sales goals. Just like other types of roadmaps, this one also includes milestones that the company needs to meet before it can reach its desired outcome.  

How to Design a Sales Roadmap

According to CNBC, retail sales in the US increased in the 4th quarter of 2019, but it wasn’t as close as the increase in 2018. This means that retail businesses need to come up with better sales strategies To help visualize your plans, allow us to help you in making an effective sales roadmap.

1. Fully Recognize Your Target Market

Even though your roadmap isn’t for consumers, they are the basis for your sales strategy. Sales refer to the activity of getting customers to buy your products. By understanding who they are, you can build an appropriate sales process which will be the foundation of your roadmap.

2. Understand Your Company’s Goals

Another factor to consider when building a business roadmap is the company’s goals and objectives. Not only your roadmap but also your strategies should be in line with your company’s goals. Before creating your plan, be sure to know what your company wishes to achieve.

3. Write a SMART Sales Plan

Your roadmap will greatly depend on your sales plan, which is why it’s important to make one first. Like any other plan, this one should also follow the SMART rule. Doing so will make your strategic sales plan more manageable and easier to achieve.

4. Turn Your Plan into an Infographic

By using a software application that you’re most comfortable with, you can start designing your roadmap. Don’t be afraid to add beautiful visuals to the design, this will actually promote engagement. Just don’t add too much of it that it overshadows the more important elements of your roadmap.

5. Keep Your Sales Roadmap Focused

Make sure that your company roadmap is kept focused on the business' goals. You can also make the content narrate a story on how you’ll be able to achieve these said goals. This will make your plan and roadmap easier to understand by your audience.


  • What is the definition of sales?

      Sales are defined as activities that involve getting people to avail of products and services being offered by a business. The person doing these activities is referred to as a salesman, saleswoman, or salesperson.

  • How different is marketing from sales?

      While both terms work hand in hand, marketing refers to the activity of attracting people towards a business or its products and services. In other words, marketing is simply getting people’s attention while sales occur when deals and purchases are made.

  • What are some effective sales strategies?

      1. Go for the right consumers.
      2. Maintain open communication with the salespeople, representatives, and leads.
      3. Take advantage of social media platforms.
  • What are the benefits of roadmaps?

      1. It gives the team a better picture of the company’s objectives.
      2. It helps you identify and address any company issue.
      3. It promotes the company’s productivity by implementing the right strategies.
  • How should you not make a roadmap?

      1. Relying too much on graphics to impress the audience.
      2. Having too many focuses or priorities in one roadmap.
      3. Not asking help from colleagues in the process.