How to Compose a Sales Meeting Minutes

Below is a helpful guide to take the minutes of your meeting effectively.

1. Be Knowledgeable of the Meeting Pointers

Have the foreknowledge of the meeting flow. This is will save you a lot of time in taking notes of the discussions made during the meeting. Prepare an outline template for the meeting so that while the meeting is ongoing, all you have to do is to fill out and add the details of what has been talked about in the meeting.

2. Focus on the Meeting

During the meeting, focus on listening to the presider of the meeting and to all the attendees who will share their suggestions, opinions, reactions, etc. about the agenda. Keep yourself away from distractions. Be a fast typer or writer so you could record everything in real-time.

3. Keep the Minutes Organized

The tendency for a minutes taker is to write everything he or she has heard in the meeting everywhere on the paper. Keep calm. The presider of the meeting would probably check if everyone got the message he or she is talking about. Just faithfully follow the outline you have prepared earlier. Categorize everything you jot down. Be attentive in all ways and always.

4. Send the Minutes’ Copy

Adjourning the meeting does not end your job as a minutes taker. You also have to send copies of the minutes of the meeting to the meeting attendees but this time, you should be sending out a summary. Do not use your minutes outline. Consolidate everything that you’ve written down instead and organize them in a logical manner.

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