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Want an Effective Sales Tool to Persuade Customers to Purchase Goods or Services? Then Download’s Free Sales Letter Templates! Have Persuasive Introduction Like any Good Salesman Would with Our Samples Offering Effective Sales Pitch from Simple to Specific for Businesses Like Real Estate, Hotel, Car Sales, and More! See more

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    How to Write a Sales Letter?

    A sales letter is promotional marketing material or tool that is designed through a mail or email in order to persuade the target clients to avail of a product or service without the presence of the sales representative or salesman. Other than direct mail techniques like leaflets and printed catalogs, the sales letter is also advertising a new product or offers a single service. Sales letters tend to be more textual than alluring the target clients with graphics-based appearance.

    A sales letter is often used in the business industry and it is the last phase of the sales process before the target client places an order. Research shows that 70% of Americans say mailing is more personal than the internet. 

    Even in this digital age, a sales document or letter can help provide the prospects of the target market. To be effective enough, the sales letter should be persuasive enough while describing a particular benefit to the target client. You should be familiar with what your sales letter is intending to promote and the target clients you wanted to reach. With a little research and brainstorming, here are the following steps for you to be prepared in writing an effective sales letter.

    1. Identify Your Target Market

    First, you have to identify your target market. A sales letter should specifically address the interested target clients. Make a simple checklist of your target clients for you to be guided. If you are able to identify them, place the names of your target clients in the salutation part of the sales letter and in the heading of your sales letter. Whether you are aiming for real estate, education, health and more, each member of the community is a possible target client. As you personalize this Formal Letter, address the target client by name.

    2. Establish Your Main Objective

    There are three main objectives in writing a Sales Letter, Marketing or Proposal Letter: to attract attention, to generate interests, and to convince a purchase. The sales letter must provide enough information about who you are and what are you trying to promote. Be conscious of your words to grab your target client's attention right from the introduction.

    3. Provide Salient Information in the Body

    Organize your Simple Letter by providing the salient information in the body. Determine the scope of your sales letter with the following problems that must be solved, the desires that can be satisfied, the needs the can be fulfilled, and the pleasures that can be gained. Your sales letter must present the solution in a persuasive manner to accomplish the main objectives and to convince the target client to make a purchase. Also, provide some guidelines for the following packages you are offering to comprehend the target client.

    4. Elaborate the Offer

    Elaborating the offer is one of the challenging parts of making a sales letter or any kind of Printable Letter. To accomplish this one, you must connect yourself with your target client in a friendly tone. Identify your target client's problem and provide them with a useful solution. Elaborate on the benefits and the different features of the new product or service. Specify how your offers are better and how it would directly help the target client.

    5. Review, Revise, and Close the Letter

    Review and revise the content of your sales letter before closing it.  Review the whole letter from the beginning until the last. Check if the content is accurately providing information. Look for some obvious errors like grammar, sentence structures, and misspelled words. After checking everything, make sure to close your sales and offer letters politely.