90 Day Sales Plan Templates

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What Is a 90 Day Sales Plan?

A 90-day sales plan is your outline on what must be accomplished sales-wise within the next three months. This can also be referred to as a 90-day sales plan or a 90-day strategic sales plan. You can expect documents like this to be specific and goal-oriented. Details regarding the products or services you are offering will be included, along with any activities that can help you get up to speed in generating income, such as the intricate use of social media, which is something 90% of top-performing salespeople do.

How to Write a 90 Day Sales Plan

90 day sales plan template

Due to the crucial role that such a document plays for sales executives, it is worth learning how you can create a sales plan that is of high quality, accurate, and effective. Rather than commit numerous mistakes in trial and error efforts, take the time to look at the following instructions closely. Through these steps, you should have an easier time coming up with your sales plan and produce results in a much faster manner to boot! Without further ado, let us start things off with the first step:

1. Cite Your Mission, Background, and Specify The People Involved

To start things off the right way, it is best to state what your company’s mission and vision statements are, along with a brief history of your business to provide some vital background information. Next comes the description of your team, along with their various and specific roles.

2. Be Specific With Your Target Market Along With Your Tools and Resources

The knowledge of who you consider as your target demographic is among the most crucial aspects to the success of your sales efforts, so be quite specific when it comes to the details. Of equal importance would be to write down all of your available tools and resources, which would include CRM software, training documentation, and the like.

3. Write Down Your Positioning and Strategies for Marketing and Prospecting

Now comes the part where you zero in on your competitors and what your strategies are when it comes to both marketing and prospecting. Compare the products and services you provide with the ones offered by the competition, along with how you plan to promote and price what you have. This is also the part where you identify which outbound and inbound sales methods your team plan on using to close deals.

4. Write Down Your Action Plan

With all of the specifics plan outlined above, now comes the part where you figure out your actual action plan. Take your objectives and come up with what actions need to be taken in order to meet them.

5. Write Down Your Goals and The Budget Needed to Accomplish Them

It must be said that most sales goals tend to be revenue-based, but there can also be alternatives, such as setting a volume goal. Be sure to factor in your prices, the total addressable market, any resources at your disposal, and market penetration. For your budget, this will include specifying the pay for your team, costs of sales training, tools, travel costs, and the like.