Wherever there is a sale, people are always sure to go. Consumers, especially one tight on budget, will always look for the best deals—meaning excellent product quality at super low, low prices. Are you planning to have a clearance or discount sale for all your trusted patrons in the coming days? If so, you need to invest in your advertisement using an expertly designed poster! Our Sales Poster Templates are the answer to your search with its design sure to make your customers notice it in the distance! What's more, it is easy to download in all file formats, including Adobe PSD, InDesign, and Apple Pages! Hurry and market your event with our template today! 

What Is a Sales Poster?

A sales poster is a printed or digital media utilized by businesses to advertise sales event on year-ends, special holidays, or during item clearance. Sales posters are a common sight in big establishments such as malls, where there are a lot of shops, during a limited time.

How to Create a Sales Poster

When creating a sales poster for your business, you need to know what products are on clearance, when your special offer starts and ends, and a design layout to make your poster attractive to consumers. Below are a few tips to make your promotional poster.

1. Decide on the Poster's Size

To grab your audience's attention, even if they are far from your poster's location, you need to choose a size that could help you achieve this goal. One of the best factors in deciding the correct measurement is to examine your posting location. Are you going to put the poster in a standee metal frame or on a wall? Knowing where you'll post it is essential because it will give you the chance to visualize the final product. You can choose among the sizes of 22 by 28 inches, 20 by 30 inches, or 24 by 36 inches. If you are unsure about the size, study outdoor posters in some establishments to get a firsthand look.

2. Be Creative with Colors

In an advertisement, one that best captures an audience's focus is through the use of colors. Ad designers always use the power of colors to boost inspiration, making it unforgettable for the consumer. While some brands most often utilize the colors known to them for recognization, others experiment with shades to present a new look to their label. And since a sale poster can only be posted for a time, make it worth the while by incorporating colors relevant to the event. If you are having a Christmas clearance, include all colors related to the event on the poster. Knowing the rules of contrast, harmony, and organization will make it easier to choose from background to font color.

3. Make Your Typography Spacious

Make your poster content readable to your audience with the right usage of typography. Using the right fonts and with a great understanding of content hierarchy and arrangement will help highlight the essential elements of your poster. It is advisable to use simple typefaces such as serifs and sans serif because they are readable against any design. And to make your typography distinguishable in the distance, you need to provide the exact amount of space between lines and letters. To inspire you, you can see online typography samples, which you can use as a basis for your own.

4. Avail of Noteworthy Photographs

When you want to include photos in your posters, you need to choose images that look like they are not something taken from an online stock array. If you want to impress your audience and present your products the best way possible, use eye-catching and unique photos straight from your gallery. If you can afford it, get the services of photographers or graphic designers to provide you high-quality images for your poster. Just imagine how your photos would give the increase visual attraction your posters need, enhancing the chance to be noticed by consumers.

5. Inspect the Whole Content

Finally, before you proceed to print your final output, you need to make sure that the poster has covered all the details required. You have to check whether you have the dates right, the amount of discount or cashback, the category of items that are discounted, and the location of the sale. If it is within one branch or multiple venues, you need to specify such in your posters for clarification.

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