Sales practitioners are brilliant people because they can easily close deals and convince consumers to try and purchase something out. But like all other professions, sales representatives and sales associates also start their journey in by sending in their application forms and resumes. If you are one of those eager sales people who want to send in their applications, you'll need to create a winning and attractive sales resume. If you are looking for high-quality and printable resume template, we have it all here for you. Our professionally designed templates boasts of 100% customizable and highly editable features that will definitely save up your time. Download your sales resume templates today through MS Word and Apple Pages

What is a Sales Resume?

A sales resume is a formal document that enumerates all the basic information, work experiences, skills, and values of a person who is involved in sales business and transactions.

How to Write a Sales Resume

Writing a sales resume means you have to sell yourself to the employers who are in need of your skills and persuasion powers. A sales resume needs to be written in a persuasive, professional, and on-point style to convince recruiters and potential employers. There are tons of hopeful out there just like you who want to land on a job as a customer service sales representative, sales associate, car salesman, or even as a sales manager. The competition is tight, so you have to step up your resume to get a position in your dream company. If you want to create an attractive sales resume, read through the key points below.

1. Jot Down Basic Personal Information

Prepare your layout and choose a helpful editing platform or application to create your basic resume. Afterwards, write your name, address, and basic contact information. The resume is about you, so it's a requirement that you write these information for easy identification. The contact information will help the recruiters connect with you regarding your application status.

2. State an Objective Statement

Making an effective and catchy product and service pitch is the forte of most sales persons and practitioners. The objective statement of the sales resume should serve as the pitch of the whole document. It is a short and punchy summary of the key skills and abilities you have to offer. You must feature and present yourself professionally in your career objective whether you are a beginner or an experienced sales practitioner.

3. Enumerate Work Experiences

Allocate a section for your list of work experiences. As a sales practitioner, this part should be written out comprehensively. Highlight your tasks and responsibilities from your previous employers. The work experiences list must convince the recruiters that you can be an asset and that you can bring in new ideas and innovations into the company you are submitting your resume.

4. Write Down All Relevant Skills

Companies need skilled workers that will effectively and efficiently carry sell their products and services to the target market. Show skills like product knowledge, goal setting and forecasting, closing deals, and written and verbal communication abilities. It's also important to support your skills with examples, achievements, and, actual numbers to convince whoever reads your sales resume.

5. Arrange the Layout and Content Neatly

If you are aiming to create a modern and creative sales resume, incorporate some design elements to make it stand out. A brilliant design could be utilized through the brilliant use of fonts, space, lines, and infographics. Arrange everything logically where you can highlight the most important information. Always go for a clean layout to convey professionalism. Don't forget to place a high-quality and professional profile image into layout.

6. Proofread and Finalize the Resume

After you have neatly arranged all the needed parts and sections of your professional resume, review everything and proofread all the facts. Proofreading is very important especially when you want to land on your dream job. Finalize everything and get ready to submit your resume to the eager recruiters and employers out there.

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