Is your company planning to promote a new product? Does your spa have a new price list for its goods? When it comes to the business of selling goods and services, taking advantage of promotional material is an essential part of being successful. One of these materials that you can advertise with is the letter, which is good to pair with a mailing list. So, to help you save time and hassle, consider writing your letters with our professional Sales Promotion Letter Templates! Get the word out with our easily editable samples, which are available in an array of file formats; printable in A4 and US letter sizes. Go ahead and download now--quickly compose a marketing letter for offers, announcements, and more!

How to Create a Sales Promotion Letter? describes letters as multifunctional written media that can be made in a variety of formats and can be applied to a range of uses. Therefore, whether your business is big or small, letters can be suitable promo material to send to customers.

Do you need a bit of help in putting together a sales promotion letter? Well then, you’ll definitely benefit from reading through our tips found just below!

1. An Appropriate Layout

If you’re going to make a letter for promoting goods/services, then it’s imperative to implement a proper page format. Open a new document in your chosen word-processing program (MS Word, Apple Pages, etc) and set the size to either A4 or US letter, depending on your region’s standard. Next, if not set by default yet, go with a portrait format for its orientation layout. Then, adjust the margins to be 1 inch in length for all sides.

2. Title and Basic Information

Since your letter will be meant for professional/business purposes, then it’s a good idea to include an appropriate title or main header that’s aligned to the center--be sure to keep its font size the largest in the entire document. After that, input the date of writing the letter, making it aligned to the left side for formality’s sake. Next, go down by two empty lines and add the full name of your recipient; go directly below to write down their mailing address.

3. Your Promotion Letter’s Pitch

Moving on with your document, it’s time to draft the primary section of your promotion letter, where you’ll be working on how to make your offers sound appealing to your intended audience. So, go ahead and begin with “Dear Mr/Ms [NAME],” as the salutation. Then, include an introductory line or paragraph about the letter and the offer.

4. Finishing Your Sales Promotion Letter

To end your promotional letter, write down a call-to-action or a show of gratitude as your closing remark. And then, include a “Regards,” or “Sincerely,” for your closing line; enter 4 blank spaces below before writing your name. In the blank area add an email signature or a written signature, depending on how you intend to send the letter.

So, with your advertising note finally complete, you can now send as many letters as you need for members/subscribers in your mailing list. Are you interested in modifiable promo samples for a hotel, restaurant, or other business? Then you’re bound to find something useful from our Sales Promotion Letter Templates!

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