It’s a great honor and pride to bring a banner of our school or district in any event. Most notably in activities where you prepared the most physically and mentally, in sports. Which sport have you participated in? Garner scores, points, and wins and be recognized as a noteworthy participant. If you are part of the sports committee, prepare the athletes' certificates now with our Sports Participation Certificate templates. Print their copies now in A4 and US letter size with Bleed and landscape and portrait orientation style. Finish them off with just a matter of modifications in Microsoft Word and PSD. Are you ready to receive your next award?

How to Make a Sports Participation Certificate?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics presented statistics saying that around 19 percent of the U.S. population were actively engaged in sports every day in 2017. Male participation was higher by 2.4% than women’s. Some of the top reasons why people do sports are to stay healthy, lose weight, optimize strength and endurance, and get good looking bodies. Appreciate these people, from children to adults to the old ones, in their active participation in sports by making sample certificates for them through the guide steps below.

1. Draft the Certificate Content

Certificates have a prepared speech for how the award will be presented to an athlete. Compose a brief paragraph containing the name of your sports organization, type of certificate that will be given, the date the certificate will be presented, venue of the sports event, name of the player, and the institution he or she represents. Sports events hold registrations long before any sports competition. List of all official players together with the names of their coaches and institution or region they represent are gathered. It will be your reference for the participants’ details. Organize these details to make a complete thought for the presentation speech.

2. Format the Contents

One way of giving your appreciation to the person who will be receiving this participation certificate is how well-written and presented the contents of the certificate are. Customize the font styles of the text contents. Apply formatting to the different parts of the speech. Modify the font design of the participant’s name and other texts, and arrange their font sizes. Be creative in customizing. Check out our custom-ready sports participation certificate templates above that are personalized for the sports game that will be played. Either for basketball, volleyball, baseball, badminton, football, etc. They are readily customizable in the software of your favorite file format for your convenience. Get them for free now!

3. Design the Certificate

Set the motif of the certificate design. You can use the specific sport that will be played as the concept for the design or create a modern certificate with minimal design. Design the borders of the certificate or add object clipart as the certificate design. You can also add the watermark of your sports organization logo on the certificate. Design the certificate according to the age range of the participants of the sports events that will be held. Just make sure that it complements the customizations you made to the certificate contents.

4. Frame the Certificate

Complete the sports certificate with a certificate holder or frame. Every participant of the sports event deserves a reward for their sweat. So preparing this document with holders or frames will make the win and even just the participation worth it. Awarding ceremonies are usually held right after all sports activities are done, so make sure to have copies of the signatories’ digital signatures so you can readily print it when done. Add plaques as awards alongside these custom certificates to make the awarding more special.

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