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What is Travel Poster?

A travel poster is a marketing material used by travel agencies, hospitality establishments, and airlines to promote travel destinations around the world. They are easily recognizable in their design that mostly features famous world landmarks and vacation destinations incorporated with attractive images and travel information.

How to Make a Travel Poster

To make the best travel poster that would make your clients rearing to get that well-deserved vacation somewhere incredible, we provide you with some tips that can help.

1. Pick a Travel-related Subject

When encouraging the spirit of wanderlust in your clients, the first thing you should do is pick a destination that they would love or activities they would like to experience. When choosing a location, ask yourself, "are they somewhere within reach of our services?" Think of what you can offer your clients and use it as a basis for your poster's content and designs.

2. Use Associated Images

The best visual background to promote your travel destination and tourism service is to use a photo or photos that are related to it. For example, when promoting city day tours, you can use a picture of one of the beaches included in the itinerary. If you are advertising discounted trips abroad, such as in Korea or Japan, you can utilize images of food, tourist spots, or even the people that are in line with the destination. Pictures alone would inspire your clients to take the offer, especially if they are thought-provoking and appealing to the eyes. Make your poster as realistic to your audience as possible by using images with high-resolution. If photography isn't your talent, invest in hiring professional photographers.

3. Create a Slogan

In marketing, slogans are one factor in making products and brands unforgettable. That is why if you want to make your posters memorable to your clients even after a long while, you need to come up with a trendy tourism slogan for each one. If you have a hard time working on a slogan, try to look for vacation quotes or catchwords online and write down your ideas. You can even look back at some of the photographs you've taken to get some inspiration.

4. Be Consistent With Your Design

If you have decided to make your image the background for the whole layout of the poster, then you need to make sure that the other design elements would blend naturally with it. Use the rule of contrast when choosing colors for your fonts. If you are using a typographic font, make sure to adjust its size so that your text would still be visible to the reader without obstructing the view of the photo. If you want to divide two parts of the poster with the image above and the contents below or vice-versa, then make sure that your content is not overshadowed by designs and colors and that everything is spaced out evenly.

5. Provide Brief Information

When giving details about your travel advertisements, keep things to a bare minimum. Only write essential information such as the name of the company that'll be used as the point-of-contact for interested clients, a separate email address where agents or travel officers can be reached, information on the destinations such as their culture and activities, the travel rates, and your slogan. If you want to go even more detailed than that, then it's best that you make a flyer instead.

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