What Is a Travel Instagram Post?

A travel Instagram post is any advertising post about promoting travel deals on Instagram. A Mention survey found out that in 2018, around 50% of users follow a brand. Looking at this percentage, you can infer that Instagram is a great way to promote your brand.

How to Create a Travel Instagram Post?

Get ready to take your target market to their next destination through creative social media Insta posts! Check out the tips on how to make one.

1. Highlight the Discount

Discounts can make people go crazy. People want to save money as much as they can, so a discount is an outstanding addition. Place your discount where it's the most visible content on your discount Instagram post.

2. Use Pictures

When it comes to a traveling ad, people should see an image of the location. Choose the most beautiful angle(s) of the place it on your Instagram ad. By this, you can tease people about wanting to travel. After all, Instagram is a platform to flex great photography and amazing graphic layouts.

3. Provide Captions and Hashtags

Your pictures may be inadequate to describe the travel destinations. So, it would be best if you had Instagram captions for each ad. Your captions should be as attractive as the images and have to provide more context to the picture.

Also, don't forget to write hashtags on your posts. Hashtags will help your post reach more people. Lastly, don't place more than five hashtags to make your post more legible.

4. Make a Beautiful Layout

Shower your posts with beautiful colors, typography, themes, and backgrounds. Do this to catch people's attention to read your travel agency's post.

5. Provide Quality Customer Service

The aesthetic modern Instagram post isn't enough. It would help if you also connected to your audience by reading their comments on the comment section. It's vital that after posting, you would read the comments and check if you need to address some problems. Respond as fast as you can so that your clients will see you have quality customer service.

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