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What Is a Travel Flyer?

A Travel Flyer is a marketing tool used by travel agencies to promote their travel services whether discounted or not. Consumer studies show that 87% of information is retained in flyers compared to emails where 35% is only retained. Its tangibility may be a contributing factor.

With emails, you have no assurance if they are read or not as people receive emails on a day-to-day basis. With flyers, once it lands on their hands, their eyes automatically scan the paper out of curiosity. So, if you are very particular on relaying your message, go for flyers (with a target market in mind, of course). For ideas, you can look up travel flyer designs online.

How to Create a Travel Flyer

Since the emergence of social media, travel flyers have become a rarity. Indeed, social media is the go-to platform of people seeking for in-demand products and services but flyers are the cheapest. If you prefer the traditional type of advertising, then all you need is a target market in mind and you're all set. To create a winning promotional flyer, we will provide you tips below on how to create one.

1. Compel Them With Your Headline

Once you have captured your reader's attention, urging them to read further shouldn't be difficult. Before you start with anything else, begin your professional flyer with a compelling headline. You can take advantage of your company's edge to come up with a headline. Do not stray from reality that it becomes unbelievable.

2. Promote in Style

What's a flyer without its pictures and colors? Pictures and colors add flavor to your simple flyer. Whatever you're promoting, don't be afraid to experiment as long as the content is understandable. You can use your own company's pictures or you can get pictures from royalty-free image sites.

3. Have a Target Market in Mind

Randomly distributing your commercial flyers in public with no target market in mind will cost you its effectivity. In fact, everything should be coordinated according to your target market so that you'll be able to communicate with them.

4. Don't Overdo It

Exaggeration of everything can become really distracting and irritating for the reader. Just include the necessary infographics in your modern flyer to convey your message. When it comes to text, avoid using long paragraphs. Instead, make use of bullet points to keep it short and straight-forward.

5. Proofread Your Flyer

Grammatical and spelling errors are things to take into account when proofreading. Errors can easily take away the spotlight from the focal point that is your flyer. No matter how tiny the error is, they will ruin the vibe. So double-check everything before proceeding to print.

6. Get Ready to Print

Once you have included the essentials to your sample flyer, proceed to print. Make sure to scout for a decent printing service provider to give justice to your layout. Decide on your flyer size with your printing service provider. Before printing, have a trial printing first to determine which areas need reassessment.

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