Gifts and traveling, what could be more perfect than having both altogether? Everybody loves traveling and gift vouchers are becoming a trend nowadays. Travel vouchers are convenient, easy to keep, and the best part is, sometimes, they come with privileges and discounts! We have the best travel gift cards for 2018! Check out our sensational voucher templates! It includes airline gift cards, hotel gift cards, cruise gift cards, and birthday gift cards. Easily Editable in Microsoft Word (.doc), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Illustrator, InDesign, Publisher, Apple Pages. Download our Travel Voucher templates today!

What Is a Travel Voucher?

A travel voucher is a gift voucher or card which comes with special privileges and inclusive for a discounted or free gift such as flights or cruises, accommodations, meals, etc. Usually, it is bought and given to someone as a gift, but it can also be won on competitions or on raffle draws.

How to Make the Best Travel Voucher

travel voucher template

Travel vouchers can be one of the most expensive gifts or privilege a person can receive. So how can you make a discount voucher more memorable and worth-keeping for someone while at the same being able to contain all the important information? Here's how.

1. Set Out Specific Money Value of Travel Voucher

Before anything else, it is important that you set the face value of your travel gift card. Is it good as cash? Is it sold for a discounted price? Usually, businessmen price their traveling vouchers at 75% of their face value. More often, people would always opt for the cheaper price since the essence of printable vouchers are the discounts they get, so if you can be bold enough to compete with a lower price, that would be your call.

2. Determine Inclusive, Benefits, and Discounts of your Travel Voucher

People love getting more than what they signed up for. To make your travel voucher more appealing, tie it up to a benefit. Include some exciting stuff in your travel vouchers such as hotel accommodations, city tours, meals to a sumptuous restaurant, or a free tour around somewhere. You should also note that discounts have advantages for your business.

3. Set an Expiry Date

Of course, it's a general rule of the universe that nothing good should last forever, the same thing goes for sample vouchers. Even the fanciest and most expensive ones have a validity period. In the US, travel vouchers are usually valid for a year, which is just right and reasonable. Putting an expiry date on your travel gift cards is a must since the inclusive offers that come with them are also set for a limited period of time.

4. Specify Who can Use the Travel Vouchers

Who can use the tickets? Is it exclusive for the person who bought it? Can it be used by another person? Make it clear in the instructions as to who can use the promotional vouchers to avoid any bad impressions or inconveniences on the customer. You can mention it maybe on the terms and conditions part of the travel voucher template, or place this information strategically somewhere on the front page.

5. Use the Right Headlines, Photos, Designs, and Layout

Never miss out on the importance of the physical look of a card. Use appropriate and relevant images and designs on your editable voucher template. Your voucher design should look exciting, or classy, either of the two, the designs itself should be able to instigate the right emotions to the customer. You must also use a striking headline to use to make your offer sound more enticing and convincing.

6. Figure out the Selling Platform

Where do you want to sell your travel ticket vouchers? You can either sell it via online or sell it through a physical store, or have it drawn by raffle. Another way is to partner with other businesses, preferably travel and tour companies to sell your business vouchers for you.

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